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Pakenham Jump Outs - 14 October 2020



Field: All Too Huiying (P Stokes), Caffrey (P Moody), Done By Me (P Stokes), Maazle (A Homann), Manning Road (R Cunningham), The Fred Express (C Littlefield)

Field: Bocain (S Peters), Hot Reward (M Huglin), Music Bay (P Stokes), Sacred Lass (P Stokes), Stars Of Carrum (P Moody)

Field: Arabian Hussey (C Jennings), Dissaripper (P Moody), Luminic (M Huglin), Mariamia (S Stockdale), Merle The Pearl (C Littlefield), Quarterback Zac (C Littlefield), Tennessee Whiskey (R CUnningham),

Field: Bolshoi Boy (P Stokes), Devine Tilly (P Kramer), Isolating (R Cunningham), Just Annie (J Tucker), Smuggler (C Blackshaw), Syrian Road (J Cockram)

Field: Creme De La Bomme (P Stokes), Crossaro (G Cross), Dragon Time (F Stockdale), Field Of Roses (P Stokes), Jocks (K Wilson), Montera (C Blackshaw)

Field: Kuroshio x Fair Look (S Stockdale), Maui (P Stokes), Strike The Night (P Stokes), Tomjam (F Stockdale), Two Shots (C Blackshaw), Victory Stride (R Clarke), Zou Zou For You (J Bridgman),

Field: Outreach x Change Of Class (D Grass), Angels View (P Stokes), Elegant Boom (P Stokes), Riverside Special (P Stokes), Sabre Athena (T Hughes), Thera (P Moody)

Field: Press Statement x Ashenti (J Waldron), Kermadec x Sycophant (T Hughes), Mauser (P Moody), Spirit Of Giving (G Andrews), Written Miss (C Jennings)

Field: Flying Meatball (C Diplock), Onemorenomore x ? (D Grass), Super One x Baby Yaga (J Waldron), Crooked Hillary (C Diplock)

Field: Needs Further x Dunneaux (D Grass), Divine Prophet x Waterloo (T Hughes), Dream Ahead x Amber Isle (D Grass), Franklin River (C Diplock), Stormlight (C Jennings), Trinity's Reward (C Templeton)

NOTE: Heats 1 to 7 were conducted on the Course Proper. Heats 8 to 10 were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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