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Pakenham Jump Outs - 12 July 2022


*based on 70x Jump Outs at Pakenham (Poly Track)*


HEAT 1 - 1000m | 1:01.62s

1. Magical Slipper - P Stokes

2. Cable Glow - R Cluning

3. Edith - P Moody

Unplaced: Turpin's Torment (P Stokes), Wandering Cloud (C Blackshaw), Fioroso (R Goodwin), Not Bluffing (P Stokes), Pharrell (NZ) (N Harnett), Snags And Beers (R Cluning)

HEAT 2 - 750m | 46.88s

1. Princess Flagrant - J Carstein

2. Mr Joobs - R Cunningham

3. Gotta Pulse - S Stockdale

Unplaced: Night 'N' Vegas (NZ) (P Stockdale), Savileo (P Moody)

HEAT 3 - 750m | 45.20s

1. Hennessy Lad (NZ) - P Moody

2. Coastal Strike - M Croston & Gilmour

3. He's Handsome - P Moody

Unplaced: Brave Fling (P Moody), Trust In A Gust x Great Dame (G Eurell), Always A Saint (G Eurell)

HEAT 4 - 750m | 45.35s

1. Waltz On By - P Moody

2. Firestorm Boy - G Eurell

3. She's Amore - P Moody

Unplaced: Truly Brazen (P Moody), Mandino (P Moody), Proprietary (G Eurell)

HEAT 5 - 750m | 44.67s

1. Diamatti - M Sheehan

2. Spring Valley - P Moody

3. Merry Mac Boy - P Moody

Unplaced: Mambo Dancer (P Moody), Russian Meteor (B Papadopouls), Written Symphony (B McCarthy)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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