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Mortlake Jump Outs - 24 May 2021


Field: American In Paris (S Wilde), Borodin (W Scott), Emperor Selassie (Q Scott), Hare (L Smith), Mont Agel (P Ryan), Superleggera (P Ryan), Yulong Rising (D Bowman)

Field: Call It A Hunch (P Hardacre), Cracker Dance (M Price), Halifax Road (P Hardacre), Hi Rockin Princess (M Sharp), I See You Coming (L Smith), Lord Percy (M Williams)

Field: All Cloud (L Smith), Firmity (L Smith), Just Tracey (M Sharp), Kristy Sabeel (D Bowman), Parisian Veil (L Smith), Pocket Raider (P Hardacre), Quick Return (P Hardacre)

Field: Clap Chap (S Wilde), Don't Forget Dad (D Bowman), Journalese (M Price), Juvino (M Price), Rubiland (D Bowman), Sure No Something (L Smith), Zupagroove (K Vella)

Field: First Mate (K Vella), Niatross (A Purcell), Protect The Jewels (S Wilde), Rhees Reward (D Bowman), Tarakan (M McKenzie)

Field: Dee Keepa (L Smith), Glenferrie Girl (A Chambers), Kings Full (A Purcell), Literati (S Wilde), Right You Are (M Price), Why Choose Her (L Smith)

Field: Confusion (M Williams), Dirt On Harry (A Alexander), Dondeska (L Smith), King Rising (D Bowman), Mister Dynamix (Q Scott), Swift Sure (M Price)

Field: Blue Army (M Price), Cabinho (M Price), Feargal (J Baker), Honour De Hero (D Bowman), Petruchio (A Alexander), Smarter Than (P Ryan)

Field: Culily Ace (D Bowman), Do The Narna (D Bowman), Dreambound (M Price), Euroman (M Raymond), Guidance Above (B Cerchi)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft(5).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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