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Mortlake Jump Outs - 11 May 2021


Field: All Cloud (L Smith), Bullzeye Beauty (S Wilde), Halifax Road (P Hardacre), Keepers Glove (M Ballantine), Lord Percy (M Williams), Persian Salute (A Alexander)

Field: Blue Army (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Call It A Hunch (P Hardacre), Night Eclipse (M Raymond), Parisian Veil (L Smith), Torekov (A Alexander)

Field: Adelaide Show (L Smith), Annie's Dior (J Barry), Novique (S Fisher), Queen Zyrah (S Wilde), Shantara (K Vella), Sky Royale (D Kelly), Turaath (M Raymond)

Field: El Fabio (K Vella), Euroman (M Raymond), Gateways (J Baker), Guidance Above (B Cerchi), Kings Full (A Purcell), Thunder Point (S Wilde), True Impact (J Scott)

Field: Ay Jay Charli (L Smith), Cosmo Rock (P Hardacre), Feargal (J Baker), First Mate (K Vella), Ginny Ann (S Wilde), Mark Of The Man (A Purcell), Petruchio (A Alexander), Wicklow Town (J Scott)

Field: Glenferrie Girl (A Chambers), Keen On Gold (P Hardacre), Kraquante (A Alexander), Monica Room (L Smith), Something Grand (J Scott)

Field: Swift Sure (M Price), Wind Dreamer (A Alexander), Vee Cece (S Wilde)

Field: Arizona Drifter (J Constantine), Atomic Rock (M Price), Cabinho (M Price), Crackerjack Prince (A Alexander), Mont Agel (P Ryan Jnr), Peronne (S Wilde)

Field: Confusion (M Williams), Lacrima (J Constantine), Swiss Hero (A Alexander)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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