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Mornington Jump Outs - 5 May 2021



Field: Elusive Express (NZ) (A.Freedman), Polyphonic (A.Freedman), Tavino Bay (Tony Noonan)

Field: Jonty (Jason Warren), La Sarthe (M.Laurie), Miss Keeler (J.T.Conlan), Rufous Reward (Dean Binaisse), Shema (L.J.McGill), Zarina Bay (A.Freedman)

Field: Arentee (C.J.Meagher), Argentia (A.Freedman), Avangard (John McArdle), Conte Grigio (Jason Warren), Masterofthejungle (L.J.McGill), Viking Rebel (M.Laurie)

Field: Foxwedge x Transocean (C.J.Meagher), Keep Well (A.Freedman), Needs Further x Reconcentrate (J.R.McArdle), Rich Enuff x Champagne Flute (L.J.McGill), Side Bet (M.Laurie)

Field: Improvident (Matt Laurie), Kikuyu (Jason Warren), Perfection Man (M.Laurie), Romanesco Fresco (J.R.McArdle), Shamus Award x Power Bird (J.R.McArdle), Winning Rupert x Call Me Sachi (L.J.McGill)

Field: Citizen (A.Freedman), Don't Doubt Hinchi (John McArdle), Figo The Great (Jason Warren), Jenni Moocha (M.Laurie), Under The Rock (L.J.McGill), So You Think x Haraka Sana (M.Laurie)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Balnarring Track, with the track rated Soft(6).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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