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Mornington Jump Outs - 3 March 2021



Field: Agreeable (A.Freedman), Florescent Star (Amy Johnston), Mostly Sunny (P.L.M.Caboche), Ocean Miss (D.B.Feek), Paint Me Red (NZ) (Brett Scott), Tippitywichit (Pat Carey), Twain's Express (John McArdle)

Field: Best Episode (A.Freedman), Mister Yu Shu (J.T.Conlan), Starring Role (NZ) (Max Hinton), Tiger Mum (M.Laurie)

Field: Aristobeaux (R.B.Grantley), Fred's a Goer (Monica Cid), Lady Lockhart (NZ) (J.T.Conlan), Not Usual Dream (NZ) (Brett Scott), Teramia (M.Laurie), Torbonair (Jason Warren), Tribbiani (Monica Cid)

Field: Beautiful Vision (K.Edwards), Delicious Tycoon (M.Laurie), Dunalley (D.R.Brideoake), Gracie's Secret (Darryl Horner (Snr)), Helmet x Ominous Quality (D.R.Brideoake), Olindo (J.T.Conlan), Starz Barwon (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: Designs (A.Freedman), Doctor Rick (NZ) (Pat Carey), Express To Tat (D.R.Brideoake), Hollywood Diva (Darryl Horner (Snr)), Jenhost (Brett Scott), Prince Of Porty (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: Cliffs Of Belaura (John McArdle), Fortune Follows (P.L.M.Caboche), Hummalong (J.R.McArdle), Ruby Skye (Jason Warren), Seb Song (Jason Warren), Snap Crackle Boom (Jason Warren)

Field: Archipeta Beach (J.R.McArdle), Bailarin (J.S.Warren), Deseronto (J.S.Warren), Rockstar Dreams (J.S.Warren)

Field: American Pharoah x Choice Of Colours (J.T.Conlan), Carry On Camping (J.R.McArdle), Fighting Sun x Annah Haze (R.Waymouth), Nicconi x National Velvet (A.Freedman), Shoelace Soup (A.Freedman)

Field: Alpine Aviator (M.Laurie), Draconian (NZ) (P.L.M.Caboche), Fleurs De Lis (A.Freedman), Phase Two (J.R.McArdle), Philadelphia Free (T.Noonan), Seydoux (J.T.Conlan), Zouzarella (A.Freedman)

Field: French Enuff (M.Laurie), Hyderabad (A.Freedman), La Pluie (T.Noonan), Sebring x Power Lady (P.W.Carey), Starcraft x Vignor (K.Harris), Whistling Bullet (J.R.McArdle)

Field: Choco Rock (J.R.McArdle), Golden Ridge (M.Laurie), Grappa Di Moscato (A.Freedman), Jungle Ruler x Skewiff (R.J.Blacker), Tempestarii (T.Noonan)

Field: Allmylife (M.Laurie), Banderas (J.T.Conlan), Fighting Lockdown (J.S.Warren), Free Eagle x Grand Bird (R.E.Kingston), Hallowed Crown x Dreams And Desires (M.I.Wells), Infinite Joy (R.Waymouth), Passenten (R.Waymouth)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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