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Mornington Jump Outs - 28 October 2020



Field: Gravistas (GB) (A.Freedman), I Am Someone (M.Laurie), I'm Telling Ya (Amy Johnston), Open Minded (NZ) (A.Freedman), Sir Mask (D.K.Binaisse), Von Mystic (L.J.McGill)

Field: Arienzo (Brett Scott), Channing (A.Yargi), Guns Ablazing (NZ) (Amy Johnston), Jezebel (R.Waymouth), Office Jim (A.Freedman), Red Rossini (C.Douglas)

Field: Autumn Rose (J.R.McArdle), Avangard (John McArdle), Bantha (S.Nichols), Carry On Camping (J.R.McArdle), Cluster x Lady Green (M.Laurie)

Field: Heywood (J.R.McArdle), Phase Two (J.R.McArdle), Precious Choice (J.R.McArdle), Single Tail (NZ) (J.R.McArdle)

Field: Delphi Magic (D.B.Feek), Escadora (Jason Warren), Jingdu Present (John McArdle), Legerdemain (R.Waymouth), Mcilroy (C.Douglas), Pride Of Kinross (NZ) (Jason Warren), Rumour Mill (S.Nichols)

Field: Beautiful Vision (K.Edwards), Delusional (D.R.Brideoake), Domfiore (Tony Noonan), Divine Wit (D.B.Feek), No Debt (Jason Warren), Point Counterpoint (S.Nichols), Suprina (A.Freedman)

Field: Avesum Pixie Dust (R.Waymouth), It's True (Jason Warren), Mr Zhivago (Jason Warren), Pommetier (Tony Noonan), Pommy Bird (Darryl Horner (Snr)), Shaziing (P.Ioannou), Three Lonh Roses (Rachael Frost)

Field: Comano (Jason Warren), Demerger (GB) (G.M.Carson), Free To Act (M.Laurie), From the Clouds (M.Laurie), Governor Landy (NZ) (Tony Noonan), Sayumi (Matt Laurie), Shockingly (NZ) (Tony Noonan), Sondelon (Matt Laurie)

Field: Capitalist x Humma Mumma (J.R.McArdle), Forbes (A.Freedman), Choco Rock (J.R.McArdle), Rockefeller Rain (Tony Noonan), World War Two (G.M.Carson)Kentucky Lemonade (John McArdle)

Field: Kentucky Lemonade (John McArdle), Kuroshio x Street Music (A.Yargi), Master Of Design x Brandy Cocktail (C.Beasy), Mio Capo (NZ) (L.J.McGill), Rusheen (Tony Noonan)

Field: Edmonia (L.J.McGill), Ignite The Castle (NZ) (L.J.McGill), Warlist (G.M.Carson), Rainbow Rocket (M.Laurie), Shimmering Ben (M.Mehegan), Vikander (R.B.Grantley)

Field: Alterno (G.M.Carson), American Saint (M.Laurie), Foxy Lady (M.Laurie), Jungle Bell (L.J.McGill), Mum's Wish (L.J.McGill), Sequalus (D.B.Feek), Onemorenomore x Miang (D.K.Binaisse), Rip Van Winkle x Carolina Blue (R.A.Frost)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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