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Mornington (Woolamai) Jump Outs - 24 March 2021



Field: Baddaginnie (J.R.McArdle), El Rocko (J.R.McArdle), Hollerforadollar (R.E.Kingston), Illation (M.Price), Phase Two (J.R.McArdle), Rockefeller Rain (T.Noonan), Starz Barwon (D.R.Brideoake)

Field: Fiasco Tess (D.R.Brideoake), Heywood (J.R.McArdle), Maggie Now (D.R.Brideoake), Precious Choice (J.R.McArdle), Rich Strings (S.Nichols), Riverina Cyclone (M.Laurie), Starcraft x Vignor (K.Harris), With Zeal (M.Price)

Field: Banderas (J.T.Conlan), Bantha (S.Nichols), Lady Zoom (C.Beasy), Poet Warrior (J.R.McArdle), Spooning (NZ) (M.Price), The Eagle Rock (R.E.Kingston), Vitesse Breeze (D.B.Feek)

Field: Blowin' A Gayle (M.Stephenson), Classy Banner (L.J.McGill), Danish Lane (GER) (A.Freedman), Exalted Crown (M.Price), Helmet x Canadian Legacy (C.Beasy), Ready For Victory x Wantonly (D.R.Brideoake), Sacred Legacy (M.Laurie)

Field: Gracie's Secret (D.Horner), Jenhost (B.Scott), Love Takes Time (IRE) (A.Freedman), Made By Khan (NZ) (M.Laurie), Sabre Princess (M.Price), Slam The Hamma (C.Beasy), Smart Missile x La Camille (K.Harris), Strategy (L.M.Kennewell)

Field: Divine Wit (D.B.Feek), He's a Gold Digger (NZ) (L.M.Enright), It's Never Enuff (L.J.McGill), Kalashani Magic (M.Stephenson), Late Night Finish (M.Laurie), Rathkeale (L.J.McGill), Rockin' Sonny (L.J.McGill), Zupaone x Tilante (C.Beasy)

Field: Catalina Black Cat (D.R.Brideoake), Dissident x Peneleput (M.Price), Genuinely (J.R.McArdle), Gold Manuka (J.S.Warren), Kentahten (D.B.Feek), Lingjun Hero (J.R.McArdle), Marine One (L.M.Kennewell), Toronado x Magnus Slipper (C.Beasy)

Field: Arlo Magic (D.R.Brideoake), Corkscrew (NZ) (M.Price), Dromeas (M.Laurie), Listen (J.R.McArdle), Seasons In De Sun (T.Noonan), Shalaa x Hamsa (C.Beasy), West Beach (M.Price), Written Tycoon x Becerra (J.S.Warren)

Field: Bronco Buster (NZ) (J.S.Warren), Fighting Sun x Annamalia (M.Price), Jenniferwish (M.Laurie), Murrami Express (NZ) (J.S.Warren), Tiara Jewel (T.Noonan), Toronado x Domesday Scenario (R.Maund)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted at the Woolamai Track, with the track rated Heavy(8).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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