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Moe Jump Outs - 26 April 2021



Field: Ocean Park x On Parade (J Bridgman), Fredley (J Pallot), Kupido (P & T Templeton), Margaret's Banter (P Gelagotis)

Field: Casino Prince x Bells Of Troy (J Pallot), The Last Lion x Blue Eyed Jane (P Gelagotis), Luv A Duck (D Walkley), Spirit Of Giving (G Andrews)

Field: Angelic Amour (L Xureb), Barney's Blaze (F Stockdale), Fearsome (T Kilgower), Ready Or Bust (R Cluning), Fields Of Aquada (G Andrews)

Field: Baltic Blue (T Kilgower), Black Stream (R Cluning), Colossal Star (J Bridgman), Red On Red (J Pascoe)

Field: Jimmy Creed x Away With Words (I Jones), Express Deel (F Stockdale), Ima Dozer (C Sexton), Moss Factor (P Gelagotis), Mulaa Man (J Pallot), Our Marli Jay (S Stockdale)

Field: Ready For Victory x Star Impulse (S Stockdale), Billiethefillie (S Stockdale), Cable Glow (R Cluning), Hard Game (M Templeton), Swanky Ra (C Sexton), Titan Of Choice (P Gelagotis)

Field: Doctor Coto (I Jones), FortyFive Parklane (P Templeton), Nudge Bar (P Gelagotis), Shootist (B Stockdale), Tyrannto (S Trolove), On The Tiles (P Gelagotis)

Field: Art Thief (M Templeton), Candy Puzzle (R Cluning), Kamien (P Gelagotis), Moonracer (P Templeton), Reward The Misses (T Kilgower)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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