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Moe Jump Outs - 21 January 2021


Field: Any Given Bender (L Xuereb), Reward The Misses (T Kilgower)

Field: Kissing Game (J Carstein), Python (T Kilgower), Twilight (L Oliver), Cable Bay x unknown dam (M Huglin)

Field: Spirited Toff (L Oliver), Rich Enuff x unknown dam (M Huglin)

Field: Dammosquito (R Kelly), Hoodoo You Love (C Littlefield), Joltin' Joe (P Templeton), Kween (P Stokes), One Dollar Bill (M Templeton), Opposing (P Stokes)

Field: Billy Butcher (L Oliver), Dome Light (M Templeton), Lage (R Kelly), Our Maxi Lad (P Stokes), Ripper Effort (S Trolove), Shootist (B Stockdale)

Field: Casino At Marino (L Colgrave), Gold Ollie (D BLackshaw), Good Idea (P Stokes), Launch Time (C Martindale), Normandy Lad (T Kilgower), Tell Me Again (P Stokes)

Field: Cherno Alpha (P Stokes), Savannah Cloud (P Stokes), Sealbhach (S Trolove), Stewart Of Liberty (C Littlefield), Summer Blaze (D Blackshaw), Vinrose (P Gelagotis)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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