Moe Jump Outs - 20 October 2020


Field: Phase Of War (Penny Hickey), Pioneer Ba (Christine Sexton), Von Costa De Hero x unknown dam (Paul Templeton)

Field: Black Stream (Russell Cluning), Doctor Coto (Ian Jones), Kissing Game (Jeff Carstein)

Field: Baskin (Paul Templeton), Sharper (Michael Templeton), Jimmy Creed x unknown dam (Ian Jones)

Field: Angelic Amour (Lenny Xuereb), Hereforagoodtime (Peter Gelagotis), Ready Or Bust (Russell Cluning), Temleh (Lenny Xuereb)

Field: Cunnamulla (Peter Moody), Longneck Larry (Catherine Martindale), Miss Current (Russell Cluning), Oneforthebrothers (Peter Gelagotis), The Cheeseman (Michael Templeton)

Field: Art Thief (Michael Templeton), Moss And Me (Mervyn Moser), Sockaholic (Bradley Stockdale, Atomoscar (Catherine Martindale)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted with the track rated Soft(6).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*