Meeting Preview - Caulfield, 17 October 2020


The rain on the Friday night and Satruday morning was enough to send us into that Soft6 range to start the day. The biggest factor will be whether we get rain throughout the day and at this stage you can't say with any confidence what that will be. If it continues to rain we will see the track get into that heavy range. There doesn't seem to b sufficient rain for that, but it is something to monitor.

Winds are expected to pick up later in the afternoon, which will help the track dry, given it isn't still raining. The West South-Westerly that is predicted is a slight tail wind, but more of a cross-wind down the side straight. In the races 1400m and longer they will get a tail wind before they hit the side straight. Again in the home-straight it will be a cross-wind / head-wind. I don't think it will really impact the runners that much. If anything in the chute races, those getting to the outside will be advantaged and in the 1400m and over races being off-midfield and a backmarker probably isn't ideal.

Rail back in the true position after being at the 10m spot for Blue Sapphire day. The track was a Good3 so don't expect too much ware and tear out-wide. The rail was off on Caulfield Guineas day and I can see that being the case again as ground doesn't improve in a week, and the rain will have that even more chopped out after the opening races. If you want a good reference have a look at Guineas day as I'm confident it plays similarly. If the rain does come during the day, the track will chop out and they will continually get wider throughout the day.

Forward of midfield will be the place to be and inside runs won't be any sort of advantage. If races have enough pace in them, runners from the rear will get their opportunity. It will be a fair day at Caulfield, nothing too surprising, pattern wise.