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Kyneton Jump Outs - 8 May 2020


1. Temple of the Sun Onemorenomore x La Musicienne Ocean Class Americain x Blushing gem

Warrior's Reward x Yendall Gee Best

2. Reward For Effort x Ballymoon Kogi Lass The Inevitable Miss Bellerente Astrid's Comet

3. Tantilizer Duplantis Golden Script Bastyan Marymount Lass Hervor

4. Dirty Diary Japery Persian Poet Tai Shan Our Hot Date Moats Corner

5. Gasworx Miss Divine Em Howlowcanyougo Pot Black Fastlane To Heaven Wife Free Zone

9. El Mahdy Gaga's Belle Clever Cut All American x Belle Vollo

10. Magnetic Rose Lasseter's Girl Delightful Savings Who Doubted Me Lorraine

11. New Covenant Fivefingerdiscount Competitor BrazenBeau x Red Kitty

12. Microscope Thoughts'n'prayers Bea Tempted Away Cruising Does It

13. Flosslikeaboss Code Blue Double You Tee Supreme Fighter Stogursey Prince

15. Hedleys Lady Ambush Alley Smell The Cork Killarney Kid

16. Not By Nature Illusion Date Not Available

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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