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Kyneton Jump Outs - 5 October 2020


Field: Being Dazzled (G Osborne), Frogmarch (C Cassar), Not Forgotten (R Standen), Uptown Lola (G Osborne)

Field: Americain x Cool Attraction (G Osborne), Brazen Beau x Bella's Destiny (T Romeo), Command Me Easy (NZ) (C Cassar), In Bels Shadow (N Dyer), Thumper (G Osborne)

Field: Ankh Tillo (R Linnel), Arvinder (N Dyer), Magnalicious (G Osborne), Mystery Diamond (M Lawson), Smokey Cape (G Osborne), Valerie (C Cassar)

Field: Brazen Beau x Lil Cesna (T Romeo), Delightful Savings (G Osborne), Lovin' Laughs (M Sell), Revhead (G Osborne), Stardust Lover (C Cassar),

Field: Autumns Best (C Cassar), Furty Free (M Fsadni), Magnicity (M Lawson), Nicantellya (N Dyer), Thoughts'n'prayers (T Romeo),

Field: Needs Further x Hastings Street (C Cassar), Azevedo x Harmonies Choice (S Noble), Boho Miss (M Sell), Bolinda Belle (S Naylor), Golden Banner (G Osborne), Lady Ardoyne (T Conlon),

Field: Chase Award (G Osborne), Gunn Island (C Cassar), Mamelon (G Osborne), Mutin (N Dyer)

Field: Bouffon (T Conlon), Doctor Timor (T Romeo), Fergus Magergus (M Jones), Potent Force (C Cassar),

Field: Clingstone Peach (E Burke), Danali (S Naylor), Fi Style (S White), Gee Best (B Challis)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted with the track rated Soft(7).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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