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Kyneton Jump Outs - 4 May 2021



Field: Bolinda Belle (Sue Naylor), Dejakkal (Robert Linnell), French Star (Bob Challis), Valcurl (Steven Noble), Oliver Bullet (Neil Dyer)

Field: Kiss Me If You Can (Hanna Powell), Moats Corner (Neil Dyer), Prohibidado (Steven Noble), Prom Host (Robert Linnell), Say An Ave (Aftab Shaikh)

Field: Just Abbey (Sue Naylor), Miss Dreamer (Steven Noble), Svaneke (Neil Dyer), Heather's Memory (Charles Cassar), Hurry Scurry (Hanna Powell), Hutchinson (Charles Cassar)

Field: Just Jake (Hanna Powell), Metro Boy (Neil Dyer), Run Dance Fly (Steven Noble), Needs Further x Hastings Street (Charles Cassar)

Field: American Russ (Tony Waddell), Bolek (Neil Dyer), Buddy For Nothing (Stephen Field), Clingstone Peach (Edmund Bourke), Helvetian (Charles Cassar)

Field: Bainbridge (Steven Noble), Benatari (Charles Cassar), Boho Miss (Mick Sell), Kaonic (Neil Dyer), Montaser (Neil Dyer), Moonlight Serenade (Edmund Bourke), Westminster Abbe (Steve Cunningham)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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