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Kyneton Jump Outs - 4 December 2020


Field: Chadstone (P Payne), Ididitforlove (P Payne), Just On Spec (S Noble), Moonlight Serenade (E Burke), Torgersen (M Jones), You'vebeentrumped (P Payne)

Field: Artie Schiller x Predestined (P Payne), Generation Gap (P Payne), Iamthekey (S Noble), New Covenant (G Osborne), Quick Floss (P Payne)

Field: Aphotic (M Jones), Behind The Cellar (P Payne), Hervor (G Osborne), McCain (P Payne), Wicked Missile (S Noble), Naughton (P Payne)

Field: Sharkbite x Flipofthecoin (S White), Echo Boomer (P Payne), Grizzlies (P Payne), Happy Socks (S Noble), Kyla (G Osborne), Lorraine (P Payne)

Field: Chambery (P Payne), Great Iam (G Osborne), Not Forgotten (R Standen), Snappy Magnus (D Chapman), Velvet Thunder (S Noble)

Field: Bolinda Belle (S Noble), Bud (C Griffiths), Duke Of Plumpton (P Payne), More Saturdays (J Thompson), Sig Positano (P Payne), The Graduate (P Payne)

Field: French Star (B Challis), Glass Ceiling (P Payne), Go Ferrando (J Thompson), Metro Boy (N Dyer), Mr Cashman (P Payne), Ubeda (P Payne)

Field: Honour The Work (N Dyer), Ians Grey Mare (J Thompson), Lasseter's Girl (P Payne), Little Faifo (P Payne), Natural Courage (S Field), Spring Bouquet (P Payne), Yankee Spirit (C Cassar)

Field: Cosmology (B Challis), Cowleys Creek (P Payne), Darman (T Conlon), Hey Happy (P Payne), Seduced By Fame (S Field), Shadow Goddess (P Payne), Stanley (N Dyer)

Field: Atone (N Dyer), Danali (S Naylor), Dourekn (N Dyer), Henry's House (B Challis), Potent Force (C Cassar), Rich Bullet (T Conlan)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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