Kyneton Jump Outs - 30 March 2021



Field: Alashb x Bullet Train (Neil Dyer), Delightful Journey (George Osborne), Delightful Savings (George Osborne), Enveeo (Marita Lawson), Jophe (Helen White), Street Rules (Liam Howley)

Field: I Am Fashion (J Roberts), Irascible Miss (G Osborne), MonteMurro (N Dyer), Natural Courage (S Field), Snappy Jim (D Chapman), Thumper (G Osborne)

Field: Veeandvee x Cecconi (T Grogan), Kerioth (G Osborne), Kyla (G Osborne), Steel The Moment (S Keating), Teng Hui Feng Li (N Dyer)

Field: Clingstone Peach (E Bourke), Kartini Day (S Field), Main Deck (G Osborne), Moats Corner (N Dyer), Nomorearchie (G Osborne), Parody Miss (T Grogan)

Field: Danman x Under the Louve (T Grogan), Greenhill Prince (S Keating), Our Duke (S Keating), Prohibidado (S Noble), Revhead (G Osborne)

Field: Autumn's Best (C Cassar), Drain The Swamp (K McAdam), Golden Banner (G Osborne), Latest Bentley (N Dyer), Mamelon (G Osborne)

Field: Being Dazzled (G Osborne), Eastern Pegasus (G Osborne), Miss Dreamer (S Noble), Scrambler (M Sell), Southern Turf (G Osborne)

Field: Aimee's Jewel (C Cassar), Magnum Bullet (M Sell), Mount Horeb (G Osborne), Reine Happy (G Osborne), Uptown Lilly (G Osborne), Valcurl (S Noble)

Field: Missed The Mark (S Noble), Pacific Ruby (J Salinitri), Valerie (C Cassar), Veggiemyte (G Osborne), Zuiichi (G Osborne)

Field: A Moving Place (M Ashby), Daniyah (C Cassar), Lovin' Laughs (M Sell), Melisandre Rossa (G Osborne), Roger's Day (G Osborne), Sham I Am (R Matthews)

Field: Alessia's Magic (T Conlan), Houdini Hudson (J Salinitri), Hutchinson (C Cassar), Logan Court (M Sell), Marketing (R Matthews), Succeedandconquer (S Noble)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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