Kyneton Jump Outs - 29 May 2020


Field: Americain x Country Dane (G osborne), Command Me Easy (C Cassar), Moats Corner (N Dyer), Kikumi (C Murfet)

Field: Criminologist (B Challis), All American x Belle Volo (C Cassar), Oquassa (A McCormick), Wicked Missile (S Noble), Great Iam (G Osborne), Astrid's Comet (M Sell)

Field: London Town (B Challis), Miss Dreamer (S Noble), New Covenant (G Osborne), Magnus x Bon Vaccance (C Cassar), Kuroshio x Indi (D Reid), Monte Murro (N Dyer)

Field: Bright Morningstar (G Osborne), Final Ovation (C Cassar), Vivilici (P Payne), McCain (P Payne), Who Doubted Me (P Payne), Kamindu (A McCormick)

Field: Hidden Charm (G Osborne), Ocean Class (N Dyer), Our Surfer Boy (E Bourke), Madame Brezing (N Pfeiffer), Doctor Timor (T Romeo)

Field: Reine Happy (G Osborne), Gee Best (B Challis), Pot Black (N Dyer), Overcharged (M Ellerton & S Zahra), Magnetic Rose (S Noble)

Field: Roger's Day (G Osborne), Unharmed (D Reid), Bastyan (P Payne), Miss Divine Em (P Payne), Kogi Lass (P Payne)

Field: Our Long Sali (P Payne), Ringwood Lanes (P Payne), Gaga's Belle (P Payne), Anything Something (H White), Succeedandconquer (S Noble)

Field: Wine O'Clock (P Payne), Bea Tempted (P Payne), Mileytude (M Jones, Parody Miss (N Dyer), Howlowcanyougo (P Payne), Americain x Blushing gem (B Challis)

Field: Dirty Diary (P Payne), Double You Tee (P Payne), Code Blue (P Payne), Jeune Astre (C Cassar), Marymount Lass (N Dyer), Empireofthedragon (H White)

Field: Ambush Alley (P Payne), Upswing (P Payne), Killarney Kid (P Payne), Nievre (S Field), Eckhart (P Payne), Fastlane To Heaven (B Challis), Longclaw (P Payne)

Field: Does It (P Payne), Art Heiress (P Payne), Crunchie (P Payne), Stogursey Prince (P Payne), The Statesman (P Payne), Symphonico (H White), Supreme Fighter (C Cassar)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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