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Kyneton Jump Outs - 10 February 2021


Field: Caboolture (Patrick Payne), Change It Up (Anne McCormick), Gate Crash (Patrick Payne), Lorely (Patrick Payne), Louise Frances (Daniel Kelly), Salty Kisses (George Osborne)

Field: Sizzling x Electric Power (Patrick Payne), Brash Sammy (Liam Howley), Curnow (Mick Sell), Lady Adelaide (Patrick Payne), Slipintothis (Patrick Payne), Veggiemyte (George Osborne)

Field: Ausbred L'Or (Patrick Payne), Chatelaine (Patrick Payne), Douceur (Patrick Payne), Mount Horeb (George Osborne), Playing For Keeps (Neil Dyer), Snappy Lil Thing (Danielle Chapman)

Field: Sir Prancealot x Song Of Gold (Shaun Dwyer), Blue Fury (Patrick Payne), Dream Weaver (Stephan Brown), Foxy Tycoon (Patrick Payne), Haystacks Calhoun (Danielle Chapman), Littlemissdoom (Kate Goodrich), Melisandre Rossa (George Osborne)

Field: Flying Artie x Andromeda (Patrick Payne), Johnny Whitesox (Stephan Brown), Parody Miss (Neil Dyer), Private Lounge (Patrick Payne), Reine Happy (George Osborne), Steel Mist (Shay Keating), Summer Lover (Charles Cassar)

Field: Bullet Train x El Ashb (Neil Dyer), Morning Smoko (Kate Goodrich), Nawala Gaba (Shaun Dwyer), Nina Carmella (Tony Romeo), Seeress (George Osborne), Snappy Kicks (Danielle Chapman)

Field: Daybreaker (Tony Romeo), Longclaw (Patrick Payne), Rocks For Free (Stephen Field), Solar Coaster (Patrick Payne)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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