Kilmore Jump Outs - 22 January 2021


Field: Lorely (Patrick Payne), Roc De Cambes x Show Up (Patrick Payne), Pins x Urban (Patrick Payne), Le Prieur (Anthony Chibnall), Gascoyne (Alicia Macpherson), Main Beach (Tony Carter-Smith)

Field: Cowleys Creek (Patrick Payne), Art Heiress (Patrick Payne), Reliable Man x Kudamm (Patrick Payne), Windchill (Jody Thompson), Porky Pine (Hanna Powell), She's By Design (Darryl Karp)

Field: Cherry Tortoni (Patrick Payne), Drive to Survive (Patrick Payne), Slipintothis (Patrick Payne), Sunday Diamond (Tony Cartersmith), Coloured Sand (Dwayne Reid)

Field: House Spouse (Patrick Payne), The Graduate (Patrick Payne), Solar Coaster (Patrick Payne), Emtown (Alicia Macpherson), Ha She (Barry Goodwin), Sizzling Nymph (Dwayne Reid), I Am Fashion (John Roberts)

Field: Japery (Patrick Payne), Chadstone (Patrick Payne), Duke of Plumpton (Patrick Payne), Dreamwaker (Alicia Macpherson), Kia Hohe (Barry Goodwin)

Field: You'vebeentrumped (Patrick Payne), Cafe Tortoni (Patrick Payne), Sweet Lullaby (Patrick Payne), Sestillia (Alicia Macpherson), Ruby With Attitude (Peter Sullivan), Drain The Swamp (Katrina McAdams)

Field: Mr Pickwick (Patrick Payne), Sahar (Patrick Payne), Lorraine (Patrick Payne), Quattro Porte (Alicia Macpherson), Entitled Princess (Barry Goodwin)

Field: Defibrillate (Patrick Payne), Behind the Cellar (Patrick Payne), Villa Villekulla (Patrick Payne), Polly's Deficit (Alicia Macpherson)

Field: No Nay Never x Danalicious (Patrick Payne), Adelaide x Spanski (Patrick Payne), Sizzling x Electric Power (Patrick Payne), Ausbred (Patrick Payne), American Russ (Tony Wadell)

Field: Reddy (Patrick Payne), Foxy Tycoon (Patrick Payne), Flying Artie x Andromeda (Patrick Payne), Turffontein x Thawaabet (Patrick Payne)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good(3).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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