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Kilmore Jump Outs - 8 April 2021


Field: Famous Strike (G Osborne), Foxship (G Osborne), Frosty Lass (G Osborne), Gus The Bus (J Thompson), Mr Satellite (D Reid), Super Aurora (B Stanley), Rhythmic Dragon (L Howley)

Field: Henrys House (B Challis), King Tereus (G Osborne), Missed The Mark (S Noble), Street Rules (L Howley)

Field: Delightful Savings (G Osborne), Entitled Princess (B Goodwin), Kyla (G Osborne), Mongolian Flame (B Stanley), Prohibidado (S Noble), Reckless Moon (J Robinson), Xtra Red (G Osborne)

Field: Dallas Cowgirl (B Stanley), Delightful Journey (G Osborne), Mac Ready (B Malanczyn), Main Deck (G Osborne), Miss Armstrong (B Goodwin), Miss Dreamer (S Noble), Thumper (G Osborne)

Field: All Too Tough (B Stanley), Daniyah (C Cassar), Main Deck (G Osborne), Raider Viking (A Goble), Succeedandconquer (S Noble), Toireasa (A Diggins),

Field: Fullforward (C Barnes), Hutchinson (C Cassar), Southern Turf (G Osborne), Valcurl (S Noble)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Heavy.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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