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Kilmore Jump Outs - 5 February 2021


Field: Syrup (Dwayne Reid), More than Involved (Barry Goodwin), Eyes for Ash (Tony Romeo), Reward for Effort x Victory Ride (Stephen Brown)

Field: Tutankhamun (Barry Goodwin), Kuroshio x Paru's Pride (Dwayne Reid), Nina Carmella (Tony Romeo), Unencumbered x Lady Slevoir (Stephen Brown)

Field: Jarrahmond (Barry Goodwin), Kuroshio x Paru's Pride (Dwayne Reid), Doctor Timor (Tony Romeo), Natter (Stephen Brown)

Field: Naughton (Patrick Payne), Villa Villekulla (Patrick Payne), Redente x Pink Guinea (Dwayne Reid), Regal Rave (Barry Goodwin), Boxachocolates (Stephen Brown)

Field: Slipintothis (Patrick Payne), Sahar (Patrick Payne), Stagger Together (Barry Goodwin), Sizzling Nymph (Dwayne Reid), Johnny Whitesox (Stephen Brown)

Field: McCain (Patrick Payne), Cowley's Creek (Patrick Payne), Saltation (Linc Sullivan), Sestillia (Alicia MacPherson ), Doormat Dominator (Barry Goodwin)

Field: Pepikhani (NZ) (Patrick Payne), Ausbred L'or (Patrick Payne), Emtown (ex. Yulong Song (IRE)) (Alicia MacPherson ), Orphan Boy (Mark Thomas), Couldbefamous (Linc Sullivan)

Field: Polly's Deficit (Alicia MacPherson), Longclaw (Patrick Payne), Sunday Diamond (Tony Cartersmith), Ready For Victory x Flamingo Lil (Patrick Payne), Betty's Reward (Jaqui Sims)

*No field available. Patrick Payne Track Gallop.*

NOTE: the jump outs were with the track rated Soft 6/7.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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