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Kilmore Jump Outs - 21 May 2021

KRC Jump Outs 21st May 2021
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Field: Clouded Love (Tony Chibnall), Scintillo x Heavenly Dawn (Hanna Powell), Danerich x Emerenta (Alicia Macpherson), Ambalac (Jaqui Sims), Sedated Award (David Prior), Sur Ronhlo (Alicia Macpherson)

Field: Orinoco Delta (Tony Chibnall), American Russ (Tony Waddell), Navajo (Tony Chibnall), Chapel Gal (Darryl Karp), Lady Whistledown (Stephen Brown), Antica Lass (Jody Thompson)

Field: Lil' Boomber (Danny Laws), Ian's Grey Mare (Jody Thompson), Kiss Me If You Can (Hanna Powell), Jack Of It (Cate Wilson), Bainbridge (Liam Howley), Emtown (Alicia Macpherson), Adabeyaat (John Salanitri)

Field: Foxtrot Mo (David Plant), Empireofthedragon (Liam Howley), Absolute Control (David Prior), Look Closely (John Salanitri), Kissee Mee (Hanna Powell), Daliapour's Turf (Alicia Macpherson)

Field: Just Jake (Hanna Powell), Flying First (David Prior), Twilight Magic (Penny Reeve), Polly's Deficit (Alicia Macpherson), Judge Jeanine (Stephen Brown)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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