Kerang Jump Outs - 31 August 2020


Field: Crackerjack King x Bumbles (G Osborne), Redente x Tycoon Jewel (A Coffey), Your Song x Weekend In Manila (G Osborne), Bannerton (A Coffey), Boga Dreams (A Coffey)

Field: Warriors Reward x Yendall (G Osborne), Lady Maggie (H Burns), Lost In Time (A Coffey), Strawberry Topping (A Coffey), Zuiichi (G Osborne)

Field: Artie Schiller x Predestined (G Osborne), Reliable Man x Kudamm (P Payne), Bullet Train (H Burns), Hassle (C Kelly)

Field: Biggus (P Payne), Outlaw Ned (P Payne), Squazeemoto (H Chalmers)

Field: It's A Sahara (H Burns), Kerioth (G Osborne), Main Deck (G Osborne), San Mauritz (M Lawson), Tiny Rebel (A Coffey)

Field: Warhorse x Thikra (H Burns), All Lokt'n'loaded (M Sell), Coloured Sand (P Payne), General Warstein (P Payne), Traq (P Payne)

Field: A Votre Sante (P Payne), King Of Siena (P Payne), Miss Bellerente (G Osborne), Nomorearchie (G Osborne),

Field: El Mahdy (G Osborne), Hugo Loves Vegas (M Sell), Magnum Bullet (M Sell), Mount Horeb (G Osborne), Ville Chanson (M Lawson)

Field: Mossman x Chirurgo Dame (P Payne), Cashed Up (P Payne), Cherry Tortoni (P Payne), Just On Spec (S Noble), Lamborghini (P Payne), Young Cliffy (G Osborne)

Field: Matamanoa (P Payne), Mistake (G Osborne), Snifter (P Payne), The Presenter (N Hobson), Widgee Turf (P Payne)

Field: Cafe Tortoni (P Payne), Coin Drop (P Payne), Danali (S Naylor), Melisandre Rossa (G Osborne), Suntan (P Payne)

Field: Code Blue (P Payne), Duke Of Plumpton (P Payne), Its Trumps (G Osborne), Scriba (P Payne), Stogursey Prince (P Payne), Tempers Flare (N Hobson)

Field: Does It (P Payne), Furty Free (M Fsdani), He No Opilio (P Payne), Hey Happy (P Payne), Iamthekey (S Noble)

Field: Ablestock (P Payne), Cosmology (B Challis), Kogi Lass (P Payne), Ocean Mist (N Dyer), Sahar (P Payne)

Field: Heather's Memory (C Cassar), Medlar (P Payne), Mr Pickwick (P Payne), Shadow Goddess (P Payne)

Field: Chatelaine (P Payne), Max'n'Mat (P Payne), Pot Black (N Dyer)

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