Kerang Jump Outs - 15 July 2020


Field: Etna (R Archard), Pravro (G Johnstone), Rock Tycoon (N Hobson)

Field: Rock'n'rollrock (M Newton), Wenner (H Burns), Kharnmosh (S Dwyer), Yulong Storm (N Hobson)

Field: The Mallee Route (J Duncan), Croc Lurkin' (S Dwyer), New Echelon (A Coffey), The Phantom Bantam (A Coffey)

Field: Jandara (M Newton), Visual Image (J Kelly), Zoeasy (D Archard), Multiplying (H Burns), My Girl Trudy (J Gould)

Field: Boss's Daughter (R Archard), Our Boy Cam (K Rawiller), Bendigo Poet (B Stanley), Graphic Content (E Maher)

Field: Zoutons (B Hearps), Leopard Tracks (J Robinson), Cartel Behaviour (A Coffey), Braekhus (A Coffey), Unencumbered x Bella Jewel (B Stanley)

Field: Toranado x Lupino (K Hann), Dana Point (B Stanley), Spirit De Lune (A Coffey), Lunar Kiss (A Coffey), Clay Bird (A Coffey)

Field: Blax (R Symons), El Salto (B Stanley), Puissance De Roche (A Coffey), Primus x Grandiva (A Coffey), Cokum Gift (A Coffey)

Field: Tripoli (J Robinson), Alireza (E Maher), Press Statement x Red Chilli Peppers (B Stanley), My Boy Jackson (J Wicks), Silversmith (R Symons)

Field: Showcasing x Abenroad (K Hann), Phantom Hero (B Stanley), Miss Mitzie (N Hobson), Whozyadeeler (M Enright)

Field: Mystery Dancer (B Stanley), Opera Set (N Hobson), Warriors Reward x Total Liberty (N Hobson), Spanish Snitzel (C Kelly)

Field: Cape Mount (J Robinson), Golden Cat (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Red Alto (B Stanley), Obscura (E Maher), Rick's Cafe (K Hann)

Field: Zanzibar (J Robinson), Ainsworth (R Symons), Extreme Torque (M Cornish & D Gaskin), Coming Around (B Stanley), Ruby Don't (L Bennewith)

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*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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