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Horsham Jump Outs - 9 September 2020


Field: Lucy Van Pelt (J Fry / M Pegus), Muladaan (D Yendall / R Handyside), Bruno Stars (C Puls / P Preusker), Fleckerl (T Bull / P Preusker), Killourney (H McKechnie / P Preusker)

Field: Mahis Angel (C Puls / P Preusker), Poet's Landing (H McKechnie / P Preusker), Coconut Queen (L Van Tijn / P Preusker), Hot Suspect (T Bull / P Preusker), Dani's Reward ( J Fry / M Pegus)

Field: Always Remember (J Fry / P Jones), Robe Bay (J Hill / D Smith), Whatisitgoodfor (M Pegus / M Pegus), Mrs Wal's Folly (D Yendall / D Whitworth), Soteriology (T Bull / P Preusker)

Field: Costa Maya (J Fry / M Pegus), Gottaluvjimmy (M Pegus / M Pegus), Americain x unknown dam (T Bull / P Krelle), Magnolia Rose (J Hill / D Smith)

NOTE: All replays and field are thanks to Peter Morganti, you can check out his website here.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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