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Horsham Jump Outs - 3 May 2021



Field: ARCADIA KING (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), BRUNO STARS (Christine Puls /Paul Preusker), SAVVY MAK (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), LUCAS CRANACH x unknown dam (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker)

Field: A FIGHTING FURY (Tatum Bull / Andrew Bobbin), GAZZARA (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), MR LIKEABLE (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), HALGARD (Holly McKechnie / Paul Preusker), HOT SEAT (Christine Puls / Brian & Ashley McKnight)

Field: OFFTAP (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), ARTY LUCAS (Holly McKechnie / Paul Preusker), SENTIMENTALIST (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), MARK'S LINE (Christine Puls / Brian & Ash McKnight), LISTEN TO ME JACK (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker)

Field: SPORTS GAZETTE (Christine Puls / Brian & Ash McKnight), COCONUT QUEEN (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), LONGTIMEDREAMING (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), FRONT LAWN (Linda Meech / Mark Pegus), SHE'S A BOND GIRL (Alana Burns / Gavin Murphy)

Field: FROSTED x ELVONN (Mark Pegus / Mark Pegus), JUNGLE FLIGHT (Christine Puls / Simon Gebert), ORLEANS ROCK (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), LOWANNA MAGIC (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), MELMAC (Linda Meech / Linda Meech)

Field: KUNG FU LADY (Alana Burns / Helen Burns), RUN JIMMY RUN (Christine Puls / Brian & Ash McKnight), FIORENTE x MAUNATRICE (Linda Meech / Mark Pegus), PRINCESS DREAM (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), OUTREACH x unknown dam (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker)

Field: CELERITY GRACE (Christine Puls / Simon Gebert), HOT SUSPECT (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), SWEET ANGEL (Alana Burns / Helen Burns), ATOMIC x unknown dam (Declan Bates / Paul Preusker), MAZNEEN (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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