Horsham Jump Outs - 22 July 2020


Field: Dark Alley (P Preusker), Surprise Baby (P Preusker), Admire Winner (P Preusker), Admire Robson (P Preusker)

Field: Bekstar (P Preusker), Cheeky Peaky (P Preusker), High Ferocity (P Preusker), Barry The Baptist (C Jones)

Field: Wonderful Riri (P Preusker), Lunar Fox (P Preusker), Knock Knock (P Preusker), Billy Mav (P Preusker)

Field: Sir Peter (P Preusker), Minola (P Preusker), Patriotic (P Preusker), Offtap (P Preusker)

Field: Fleckerl (P Preusker), Chat Up (P Preusker), No Name Enya (P Preusker), Flash Freddie (P Preusker)

Field: Lord Pierro (P Preusker), Screwed Down (P Preusker), Paramedic (P Preusker), Thunder Park (P Preusker)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Track.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*