Horsham Jump Outs - 22 December 2020


Field: MARCEL FROM MADRID (H McKechnie / P Preusker), OUR GEM (C Puls / R Bruhn), GOLD LOGIE (M Pegus / M Pegus), ADANDIMAN (T Bull / M Freedman), NO DOUBT ABOUT HIM (N Carter / S Lenehan), Briseur De Coeur (M Freedman)

Field: GOLIOTUS (C Puls / R Bruhn), CROWNED MONARCH (R Houston / M Freedman), ISLAND EMPRESS (T Bull / M Freedman), GOTTALUVJIMMY (M Pegus / M Pegus), SARASOTA GOLD (N Carter / S Lenehan)

Field: PARAMEDIC (C Puls / P Preusker), The Onion Thief (A Bobbin), LARANJO (S Inglese / P Preusker), TILL ITS OVER (H McKechnie / P Preusker), Savvy Mak (P Preusker)

Field: CHEEKY PEAKY (S Inglese / P Preusker), BRAWL (T Bull / P Preusker), HANGYOURHAT (H McKechnie / P Preusker), MI ROCK ALY (C Puls / P Preusker)

Field: RITZ (T Bull / P Preusker), HANDSHAKE (H McKechnie / P Preusker), MISS HAVANA COSMIC (R Houston / P Preusker), FINAL ATOM (S Inglese / P Preusker)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*