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Horsham Jump Outs - 19 October 2020


Field: Lean Thy Arms (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), Small Mac (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), Hassel (Heath Chalmers / Heath Chalmers), Tan Check (Madison Lloyd / James Bull), Distress Signal (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker)

Field: Mrs Wal's Folly (Dean Yendall / Doug Whitworth), Lost In Time (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), Shy Girl (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), Faithful Diamond (Madison Lloyd / James Bull), Killourney (Christine Puls / Paul Preusker)

Field: Muladaan (Christine Puls / Rhoda Handyside), Yulong Crown (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), Riverwood Girl (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), Equicentre (Tatum Bull / Helen Burns), Bannerton (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), Delightful Choice x Cocoa Tycoon (Madison Lloyd / James Bull)

Field: Cokum Gift (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), Braekhus (Heath Chalmers / Austy Coffey), Rock Tycoon (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), Rebel Leyla (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), Djina Royale (Dean Yendall / Doug Whitworth), Pentire x Martini Lass (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker)

Field: Strawberry Topping (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), Ripped Toff (Jack Hill / Dane Smith), Soteriology (Tatum Bull / Simon Gebert), Oberland (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson)

Field: Sheriffs Lady (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), Watch Hill (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), Squazeemoto (Harry Coffey / Heath Chalmers), Fiorente Spritz (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), Winning Deal (Jack Hill / Mark Pegus), Straight Back (Christine Puls / Doug Whitworth)

Field: Poets Voice x Naivety (Jack Hill / Mark Pegus), Test du Style (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), Perficere (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), Halgard (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), Tiny Rebel (Harry Coffey / Austy Coffey), A Little Chunky (Ryan Houston / Jordan Frew)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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