Horsham Jump Outs - 17 March 2021


Field: MAN FROM UNCLE (Jack Hill / Dane Smith), TILL IT'S OVER (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), RAISE THE FLAG x unknown dam (R Houston / Paul Preusker), SAVOIE (D Yendall / Brian & Ashley McKnight), OAK BRIDGE (Christine Puls / Brian & Ashley McKnight), ST ARNICCA (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker)

Field: YOUNG CLIFFY (Tatum Bull / Andrew Bobbin), ROBE BAY (Jack Hill / Peter Hardacre), DARK LEVER (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), VIVACIOUS AWARD (Brett Prebble / Paul Preusker), INAYFORHAY (Thomas Prebble / Paul Preusker), VINTAGE DIESEL (Christine Puls / Paul Preusker), DEEP FORCE (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson)

Field: WEALLSTUCKATHOME (H Burns), BURGUNDY RULES (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), THIS KID ROCKS (Christine Puls / Belinda O'Loughlin), PERFECT ZED (Jack Hill / Peter Hardacre), SCREWED DOWN (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), JOLTING (Brett Prebble / Paul Preusker), PERFICERE (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), ALAKANA (Deanne Taylor / Halle Rowe)

Field: WENNER (Sonja Wiseman / Helen Burns), Donatien Alphonse (A Bobbin), MOXATATION (Jack Hill / Peter Hardacre), STRATUM STAR X unknown dam (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), SHOCKING X unknown dam (Thomas Prebble / Paul Preusker), KALEB HUGH (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson)

Field: TAVOLIERE MIST (R Samsonenko), DARK ALLEY x MINNYMOO (Sonja Wiseman / Stephen Lenehan), REBEL LEYLA (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), MISS HAVANA COSMIC (Brett Prebble / Paul Preusker), WATCH HILL (Thomas Prebble / Paul Preusker), CRANKY SHERIFF (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), DIVINE PROPHET x OVERLOOKED (Jack Hill / Peter Hardacre), SOOBMERGED (Christine Puls / Belinda O'Loughlin)

Field: SANDHILL (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson), WINTER TIME (Jessie Constantine / Jessie Constantine), SARASOTA GOLD (Sonja Wiseman / Stephen Lenehan), EUROZONE x unknown dam (Tatum Bull / Paul Preusker), MAKFI x unknown dam (Shayleigh Inglese / Paul Preusker), LUCAS CRANACH x unknown dam (Thomas Prebble / Paul Preusker), WITNESS EX (Deanne Taylor / Jack Hill), JARRAH MISS (Christine Puls / Rachel Samsonenko)

Field: DUBAI DOMINION (Tatum Bull / Andrew Bobbin), FANCIED (Ryan Houston / Paul Preusker), BEETWENTYNINE (Shayleigh Ingelese / Paul Preusker), MAGNOLIA ROSE (Jack Hill / Dane Smith), CHORTOMIC (G Daffey), TEST DU STYLE (Madison Lloyd / Nathan Hobson)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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