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Horsham Jump Outs - 1 April 2021


Field: DISTRESS SIGNAL (R Houston / P Preusker), LORD PIERRO (S Inglese / P Preusker), EUROZONE x unknown dam (T Bull / P Preusker), JOLTING (B Prebble / P Preusker), TEST DU STYLE (M Lloyd / N Hobson), THE BIG KAHUNA (S Wiseman / P Hardacre)

Field: CHOUXTER (C Puls / N Watson), DEEP FORCE (Z Lloyd / N Hobson), INAYFORHAY (T Prebble / P Preusker), PERFICERE (T Bull / P Preusker), REBEL LEYLA (R Houston / P Preusker), STRATUM STAR x unknown dam (S Inglese / P Preusker)

Field: MOXATION (S Wiseman / P Hardacre), AMAZEBALLS (C Puls / H McKechnie), RICH ENUFF x unknown dam (B Prebble / P Preusker), STRATUM STAR x unknown dam (T Bull / P Preusker)

Field: ARDEEO (T Bull / P Preusker), MANHATTAN ARCH (S Inglese / S Gebert), COLD BEERS (T Prebble / P Preusker), BEETWENTYNINE (C Puls / P Preusker), FANCIED (R Houston / P Preusker)

Field: KALEB HUGH (M Lloyd / N Hobsob), VIVACIOUS AWARD (T Bull / P Preusker), CHEEKY PEAKY (C Puls / P Preusker), VINTAGE DIESEL (B Prebble / P Preusker), MISS HAVANA COSMIC (T Prebble / P Preusker)

Field: JUNGLE FLIGHT (C Puls / S Gebert), YOUR OUTATOUCH (Jacob Oppermann / Jamie Oppermann), ATOMIC SELFIE (S Inglese / P Preusker), DARK LEVER (B Prebble / P Preusker)

Field: HOT HOSTESS (Halle Rowe / Karina Rowe), CRANKY SHERIFF (M Lloyd / N Hobson), WHY NOW (Jacob Oppermann / Sarah Craigie), GAZZARA (T Bull / P Preusker), BRUNO STARS (C Puls / P Preusker)

Field: MAUNAHOST (Halle Rowe / Karina Rowe), SHERIFF'S LADY (M Lloyd / N Hobson), REWARD WITH RETURN (Z Lloyd / N Hobson), CHORTOMIC (C Puls / G Daffey), LOWANNA MAGIC (T Bull / P Preusker)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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