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Hamilton Jump Outs - 2 December 2020


Field: MR MONEY BAGS (L Lafferty / L Smith), ST JOEY'S (H Norman / M Williams), PURDEET (C Puls / D Kolpin)

Field: TERRACE HOUSE (H Norman / M Price & M Kent), MISS CONSTRUED (L Lafferty / L Smith), FINAL HURRAH (C Puls / J Constantine), CHOISIR x LET'S BE HAPPY (M Julius / B Winnell)

Field: RIDING THE WAVE (M Julius / L Smith), PRESTON (C Puls / M Williams), INTELLECTIVE (H Norman / M Williams), PEDAL TO METAL (L Lafferty / L Smith)

Field: QUANTUM MECHANIC (C Puls / M Price & M Kent), ELDERFLOWER (M Julius / L Smith), ROUTE EIGHTY EIGHT (L Lafferty / L Smith), BOSSY DEMEANOUR (H Norman / M Price & M Kent)

Field: VINLAND (L Lafferty / L Smith), FORGOTTEN JEWEL (S Jackson / L Smith), GARIMPEIRO (M Julius / L Smith), CHAMPAGNE WITNESS (H Norman / M Williams)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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