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Hamilton Jump Outs - 11 November 2020


Field: Jazz Star (R Short / Peter Chow), The Great Artiste (D Bates / Holly McKechnie), Chat Up (C Puls / Holly McKechnie), Hard 'N' Tough (M Julius / Symon Wilde), Jenefactor (J Constantine / G Phillips)

Field: Halgard (D Bates / Paul Preusker), Laranjo (C Puls / Paul Preusker), Bavarian Watts (R Short / Symon Wilde), Protect The Jewels (M Julius / Symon Wilde), O'whatapicture (J Constantine / J Constantine)

Field: Spoke To Rajiv (D Bates / Paul Preusker), Perficere (C Puls / Paul Preusker), As I Please (M Julius / Symon Wilde), Beachgoer (R Short / Symon Wilde)

Field: Rotator (S Jackson / Lindsey Smith), Salorsci (D Bates / Lindsey Smith), Mirric (T Bull / Peter Lafferty), Valley Of Hearts (R Short / Symon Wilde), Ammoudi Bay (M Julius / Symon Wilde)

Field: Outalockdown (D Bates / Paul Preusker), Now And Forever (R Short / Symon Wilde), Casino Prince x Diamond Indulgence (M Julius / J Baker), Capital Zous (S Jackson / Lindsey Smith)

Field: Monica Room (S Jackson / Lindsey Smith), Julieta (D Bates / Lindsey Smith), Allabouther (M Julius / T Cottier), Jane's Angel (T Bull / A Bobbin), In The Fast Lane (L Van Tijn / K Van Tijn)

Field: Isonomiss (S Jackson / Lindsey Smith), Feuermond (D Bates / Lindsey Smith), Sixo'clock (R Short / J Howard), Fighting Sun x Sister Sweet (T Bull / A Bobbin)

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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