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Geelong Jump Outs - 28 October 2020


Field: Almira Gulch (S Muir), Gunna Gunna (C Calthorpe), Honorable Mention (H Dwyer), Legale (G Thornton), Naval Envoy (D Loos), Up (M Young)

Field: Heka Express (L & T Corstens), Lovano (D Loos), Media Award (C Calthorpe), Mister Jay (G Thornton), Moscow Red (H Dwyer), I'm A Buonarroti (M Young)

Field: Black Monsoon (C Calthorpe), Miss Puerto Rico (G Thornton), Vahvuus (J Edwards), Win Fall (H Dwyer), Zouesay (D O'Brien)

Field: Budd Fox (H Dwyer), Considerate (D O'Brien), Diamond Luke (J Edwards), Lolarosie (G Thornton), Mrs Broderick (C Calthorpe), Zou Dancer (L & T Corstens)

Field: Flying Conjecture (C Calthorpe), Le Chanteur (L & T Corstens), Rocket Owen (D Bourke), Sistine Avenue (J Edwards), Triple Red (G Thornton)

Field: Didier (K Bourke), Invincible Millie (C Calthorpe), Maid Of Iron (L & T Corstens), San Marino (D O'Brien), Time Ford (T Parker), Lady Canford (J Edwards)

Field: Eurozone x Best Dressed Lady (C Calthorpe), Alfoil (L & T Corstens), Dodge The Hounds (V Malady), Hailey's Diva (J Edwards), Savalona (D O'Brien), Zubrowka (S Pateman)

Field: Dot (T Parker), Fighting Arrow (C Calthorpe), Howgoodisplumbing (S Pateman), La Kapitine (A Alder), Miletus (J Ewards), Need New Friends (D O'Brien)

Field: Fighting Sun x She's Got Curves (C Calthorpe), Disco Connolly (S Pateman), Halobel (J Edwards), Ianrex (NZ) (B Stanaway), Sugartown (D O'Brien), Unicc Star (V Malady)

Field: Awesome Spirit (C Calthorpe), Blink Twice (D O'Brien), Chelsea Toff (B O'Farrell), Lucas (S Ferchi), Ozymandias (B Stanaway),

Field: Jimmy Creed x Danzing Tramp (S Ferchie), Rock Face x Smock (N Roe), Deadly Earnest (V Malady), Proud Chataigne (C Calthorpe)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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