Geelong Jump Outs - 28 January 2021


Average Time for the Day (1000m) : 1:01.44s

Average Time for the Day (1200m) : 1:13.72s


HEAT 1 - 1000m | 59.50s

1. How Womantic - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Ancestry - P Stokes

3. Mamzelle Tess - L & T Corstens

Field: Sovereign Award (D O'brien), Chaillot (A Alexander), Heir to the Throne (NZ) (H Dwyer), Probabeel (NZ) (J Richards), Mr Quickie (P Stokes), Vassilator (NZ) (C Little), Copper Fox (H Dwyer), Mahamedeis (N Ryan)

HEAT 2 - 1000m | 59.40s

1. Pinkham - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. Six Bells - C Little

3. Zou Dancer - L & T Corstens

Field: Hindaam (NZ) (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Grable (J Edwards), Bourbon Street (T Dabernig), Personal (T Dabernig), Starelle (D O'Brien), Wicked Me (J Scott), Sidoni (L & T Corstens)

HEAT 3 - 1500m | 1:33.50s

1. Runaway - G Waterhouse & A Bott

2. Good Idea - P Stokes

3. Barade (FR) - A Alexander

Field: Sin to Win (NZ) (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Selino (GB) (C Waller), Harlem (GB) (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Wil John (C Maher), Newbury (D Maher), Big Blue (GB) (C Maher), Ascot Red (D Maher)

HEAT 4 - 1200m | 1:13.08s

1. Sir Dragonet (IRE) - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Nonconformist - G Begg

3. Night's Watch (NZ) - A Alexander

Field: Fifty Stars (IRE) (T Dabernig), Miami Bound (NZ) (D O'Brien), La Falaise (H Dwyer), Grandslam (C Maher), Crockett (T & C McEvoy), Cherry Tortoni (P Payne), Young Hostess (J Edwards), Black Toff Affair (M Price & M Kent Jnr)

HEAT 5 - 1200m | 1:14.06s

1. Behind The Cellar (NZ) - P Payne

2. Autissiodorum (NZ) - T Dabernig & B Hayes

3. Cuban State - T McEvoy

Field: Happy Pharrell (FR) (C Maher), Booker Tee (J Williams), Dundirtcheap (C Maher), Young Rascal (FR) (A Alexander), Cash for Diamonds (J McArdle), Chestorius (NZ) (J Edwards), Loyal Consul (J Edwards)

HEAT 6 - 1200m | 1:14.03s

1. Lorenzetti - J Edwards

2. Jet Propulsion - C Maher & D Eustace

3. Pappalino (FR) - A Alexander

Field: House Spouse (NZ) (P Payne), Hartack (NZ) (F Finnegan), Wyclif (GB) (D O'Brien), Riding High (NZ) (H Dwyer), Yulong World (C Maher), Chadstone (P Payne), Kween (P Stokes), Mannzaratti (J Edwards), Six Degrees (P Cannon)

HEAT 7 - 1000m | 1:01.80s

1. Dominus (NZ) - P Stokes

2. Mister Mogul - H Dwyer

3. Golden Gorge - R Hickmott

Field: Danejararose (M Cumani), White Hibiscus (D O'Brien), Anirishman (C Maher & D Eustace), Legale (G Thornton), Press the Petal (J Julius), Rockarente (D Loos), Will (J Julius)

HEAT 8 - 1000m | 1:02.00s

1. Hongbao - M Price & M Kent Jnr

2. All Sacred - J McArdle

3. Umgawa - L & T Corstens

Field: Red Rocketship (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Lastar (T & C McEvoy), Lingayen Gulf (T Dabernig & B Hayes), Kaliuwaa Falls (NZ) (M Freedman), Scamster (J Edwards)

HEAT 9 - 1000m | 1:03.80s

1. Carry On Camping - J McArdle

2. Sky Warrior - L & T Corstens

3. Bold Intentions - M Cumani

Field: Hoku (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Taspinaro (J McArdle)

HEAT 10 - 1000m | 1:03.10s

1. Scorched Earth - J Moloney

2. Susanne Joy - L & T Corstens

3. Single Tail (NZ) - J McArdle

Field: Our Shinko (P Stokes), Saucy Spirit (T & C McEvoy), Miss November (NZ) (D O'Brien), Ferrans Loch (J McArdle)

HEAT 11 - 1000m | 1:01.80s

1. La Rocque - J McArdle

2. Tycoon Humma - J McArdle

3. Coeur De Paris - G Osborne

Field: Swamp Vixen (T & C McEvoy), Henny Lane (J Allen), Thonis (D O'Brien)

HEAT 12 - 1000m | 1:00.20s

1. Anders - C Maher & D Eustace

2. Cambourne - M Price & M Kent Jnr

3. Captain Spud - P Gelagotis

Field: Mr Cashman (P Payne), Magnetic (L Corstens), Mask Up (R Hickmott), Deadly Earnest (V Malady), Saltpeter (J Moloney), Almost Reset (C Littlefield), Utah Beach (FR) (D O'Brien)

HEAT 13 - 1000m | 1:01.90s

1. Embolism - D O'Brien

2. Pal D'oro - C Maher & D Eustace

3. Cumberbatch - C Maher & D Eustace

Field: Deploy And Destroy (J Edwards), Internal Affair (A Williams), Five Bulls (N Ryan), Koruto (P Stokes), Itzhot (T Dabernig), Call Me Elvis (D Loos)

HEAT 14 - 1000m | 1:01.80s

1. Crosshaven - T Dabernig & B Hayes

2. Mcilroy - C Douglas

3. Ironedge - M Price & M Kent Jnr

Field: Epic Ranger (R Hickmott), Fire Wheel (N Ryan), You'vebeentrumped (P Payne), Hengroen (IRE) (D O'Brien), Mr Pickwick (P Payne), Kermy (P Stokes), Fashion Guru (J McArdle), Justinian (D O'Brien)

HEAT 15 - 1000m | 1:00.80s

1. Kichierro - P Stokes

2. Mccain - P Payne

3. Rights Of Man - D O'Brien

Field: Goondiwindi (GB) (D O'Brien), Geoffroy (C Littlefield), Potato Pete (R Kingston), Bosspan (N Ryan), Caboolture (NZ) (P Payne)

HEAT 16 - 1000m | 1:01.20s

1. Bella Nipotina - T Dabernig & B Hayes

2. Sodbuster - L & T Corstens

3. Sweet Home Alabama -L & T Corstens

Field: Highly Discreet (P Stokes), La Spezia (J Edwards), Night Raid (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Salto Angel (NZ) (D O'Brien), Annavisto (NZ) (M Price & M Kent Jnr), Rue Maude (J McArdle)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated soft then upgraded to Good(4).

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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