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Geelong Jump Outs - 25 November 2020


Field: La Kapitine (A. Alder), Mr Mofeed (J. Edwards), Sometimesnever (S. Ferchie), The Wild One (G. Thornton), White Hibiscus (D. O'Brien), Phenomenon x Senora Vega (C. Calthorpe)

Field: Awesome Spirit (C. Calthorpe), Considerate (D. O'Brien), Inspired Sun (V. Malady), Miss Puerto Rico (G. Thornton), One Penny Red (J. Edwards), Stratessa (H. Dwyer)

Field: Almira Gulch (S. Muir), Flying Conjecture (C. Calthorpe), Mister Jay (NZ) (G. Thornton), Moscow Red (H. Dwyer), Pelorus Princess (D. O'Brien), Sistine Angel (J. Edwards)

Field: Diamond Luke (J. Edwards), La Falaise (H. Dwyer), Zazster (D. Loos), Oceanarium (NZ) (D. O'Brien), Proud Chataigne (C. Calthorpe)

Field: Eurozone x Best Dressed Lady (C. Calthorpe), American Flyer (L & T. Corstens), Blink Twice (D. O'Brien), Mauser (J. Edwards), One Point Five (BC) (G. Thornton), We Love Malaysia (V. Malady)

Field: Defiant Diva (L & T. Corstens), Deadly Earnest (V. Malady), Fergal Lad (C. Calthorpe), Flying Mr Davis (K. Bourke), Halobel (J. Edwards), Zouesay (D. O'Brien)

Field: It'sourtime (D. O'Brien), Mrs Broderick (C. Calthorpe), Rip City (L & T. Corstens), Treeline (NZ) (J. Edwards), Written In Oak (K. Bourke), Night Of Thunder x Dance Across (C. Calthorpe)

Field: Hampton Court x Suite Success (C. Calthorpe), San Marino (D. O'Brien), Dayan Star (L & T. Corstens), Omoide (NZ) (D. O'Brien), Typically Brazen (J. Edwards)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass Track to the Winning Post, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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