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Geelong Jump Outs - 20 January 2021


Field: Awesome Storm (Chris Calthorpe), Copper Fox (Henry Dwyer), Hasslefree (Kathryn Durden), Lorenzetti (Jamie Edwards), Miami Bound (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Sovereign Award (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Evader (Jamie Edwards), Little Miss Gutsaa (Jamie Edwards), Night Express (Henry Dwyer), Rockarente (Danielle Loos), Salto Angel (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Young Werther (NZ) (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Embolism (Danny O'Brien), If At First (NZ) (Jamie Edwards), Lady Fiorente (Danielle Loos), Mafiore (Kathryn Durden), Starelle (Danny O'Brien), Riding High (Henry Dwyer)

Field: Dubai Centre (Danny O'Brien), Grable (Jamie Edwards), Malawi Cove (Chris Calthorpe), Ms Pompdrometer (Darryl Cannon), Sure Strategy (Henry Dwyer), Young (Jamie Edwards)

Field: Lope De Paris (Stephen Cooper), Three Rebels (Gary Bridges), Art Dealer (Henry Dwyer), Deploy And Destroy (Jamie Edwards), Julinka (Danny O'Brien), Gaura Cove (Chris Calthorpe)

Field: Justinian (Danny O'Brien), Keiichi (Henry Dwyer), Fighting Arrow (Chris Calthorpe), La Spezia (Jamie Edwards), Lady Lucie (Darryl Cannon)

Field: Hampton Court x Suite Success (Chris Calthorpe), Keiichi (Henry Dwyer), Bonnie Bluebell (Gary Bridges), Chestorius (NZ) (Jamie Edwards), Mannzaratti (Jamie Edwards), Tripoli (BC) (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Loyal Consul (Jamie Edwards), Redente x Acacia Queen (Darryl Cannon), Thonis (BC) (Danny O'Brien), Triboulet (Henry Dwyer), Vancouver Magic (BC) (Danny O'Brien)

*unable to accurate do results for this Heat due to the silk colours varying from the website listings.

Field: Kasami (Henry Dwyer), Ready For Victory x Zero (Jamie Edwards), Jimmy Lou (BC) (Gary Bridges), Scamster (Jamie Edwards), The Factor x Fulfilled Promise (Vincent Malady), Al Maher x Encosta Quidd (Henry Dwyer)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass Track, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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