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Geelong Jump Outs - 19 August 2020


Field: Count Octave (GB) (Danny O'Brien), Jarrah Miss (Rachel Samsonenko), La Kapitine (Anthony Alder), Out Of The Park (NZ) (Henry Dwyer), Wanted Forever (Peter Jaques)

Field: Art Dealer (NZ) (Henry Dwyer), Buluga (Jamie Edwards), Ever Loved A Woman (Peter Lang), Mean Mr Mustard (Kelvin Bourke), Redabout (Greg Webb), Saracen Knight (IRE) (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Arockandahardplace (Michele Denham), Miletus (Jamie Edwards), Sense Of Danger (NZ) (Simone Ferchie), Yoshi Mokuyo (Kylie Vella), Zombie Award (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Red Arrow x Surprise Surprise (Ricky Pike), Loose Arrow (Greg Webb), Sometimesnever (Simone Ferchie), Sunny Sally (Danny O'Brien), Three Wives (Nick Roe)

Field: Toorak Toff x Shattered Dreams (Ben O'Farrell), Geyser (Kelvin Bourke), Hostile Takeover (John Eady), Don't Be Mean (Michele Denham), Mister Curly (Kelvin Bourke), Noice Secret (Justing Sterley)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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