Geelong Jump Outs - 18 December 2019


HEAT 1 - 1000m | n/a

1. Absolute - D O'Brien

2. Sweeter Than Honey - M Young

3. Storm Dancer - P Jaques

Unplaced: Tower Road (D O'Brien), Dancing With Fire (B Stanaway), Oxygen Man (P Banks)

HEAT 2 - 1000m | n/a

1. Pink Angel - J Edwards

2. Snitz And The City - L & T Corstens

3. Phoenix Global - D O'Brien

Unplaced: Doves Cry (H Dwyer), Bon Jovial (D Connors), Incorruptability (unknown trainer)

HEAT 3 - 1000m | n/a

Field: Vows x Warriors Reward (unknown trainer), So What Rock (M Denham), Colville House (D O'Brien), Zamello (L & T Corstens), Hardway (B Stanaway), Theme Park (D O'Brien)

HEAT 4 - 1000m | n/a

Field: Casino Master (A Jones), Fighting Spirit (A Hinch), Fletcher's Mutiny (D O'Brien), Inspired Sun (V Malady), Krishna Cove (P Banks), Still Be Friends (D O'Brien)

HEAT 5 - 1000m | n/a

Field: Shamus Award x Sub Atlantic (unknown trainer), Pride Of Dubai x Hera (unknown trainer), Dalmatia (L & T Corstens), Erosive (D O'Brien), Ianrex (B Stanaway), Sense Of Danger (S Ferchie)

HEAT 6 - 1000m | n/a

Field: Starspangledbanner x Cafe Scientific (unknown trainer), Bullet Train x Dutchess Daisy (unknown trainer), Dubai Centre (D O'Brien), Gatillero (B Stanaway), Hussonman (K Bourke)

HEAT 7 - 600m | n/a

Field: Rock Face x Nuclear Force (unknown trainer), Kaphero x Dance The World (unknown trainer), Headwater x Dreamlike (unknown trainer), Rock Face x Smock (unknown trainer), Rebel Raide x unknown dam (unknown trainer), Jungle Ruler x Centopia (unknown trainer)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass Track.



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