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Geelong Jump Outs - 16 December 2020


Field: Holy Ganges (J. Edwards), Mzuri Star (H. Dwyer), Omoide (NZ) (D. O'Brien), One Point Five (G. Thornton), Proud Chataigne (C. Calthorpe), Shapurb (D. Loos)

Field: American Flyer (L&T. Corstens), Awesome Spirit (C. Calthorpe), Fortune Rose (J. Edwards), Grinzinger Allee (NZ) (D. O'Brien), La Falaise (H. Dwyer)

Field: Phenomenoms x Senora Vega (C. Calthorpe), Breeze 'N' Luna (NZ) (D. O'Brien), Fighting Arrow (C. Calthorpe), First Mate (K. Vella), I Am The Fox (J. Edwards), Mister Mogul (H. Dwyer)

Field: Night Of Thunder x Dance Across (C. Calthorpe), Irish Butterfly (H. Dwyer), Palani (D. O'Brien), Punk Princess (J. Edwards)

Field: Hampton Court x Suite Success (C. Calthorpe), First Platoon (D. O'Brien), Gimme The Goss (H. Dwyer), Grable (J. Edwards), If At First (NZ) (J. Edwards)

Field: Reliable Man x Cardiac (D. O'Brien), Eurozone x Best Dressed Lady (C. Calthorpe), Brass Knuckles (N. Roe), Devilears (J. Edwards), Dwelt (J. Edwards), Twelve Gauge (B. Stanaway)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Grass Track from the 1700m Chute, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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