Geelong Jump Outs - 1 June 2020


Field: Consoling (Kalvin Bourke), Hudson Bridges (Shaun Muir), I'm A Buonarroti (Mark Young), Ms Monet (Chris Calthorpe), Vahvuus (Jamie Edwards)

Field: Eupnea Lady (Peter Jaques), Morrissy (Leon & Troy Corstens), Ms Catherine (Henry Dwyer), Run To Perfection (Danny O'Brien), Tarquin (Kalvin Bourke)

Field: Laylite (Steven Pateman), Ramp (Tony Parker), Runsis (Leon & Troy Corstens), Stunning (NZ) (Kath Durden), Tinszel (Henry Dwyer)

Field: Doves Cry (Henry Dwyer), Hezagoa (R. Brown), Honeywine (Jamie Edwards), Oxygen Man (Paul Banks), Star Of Leon (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Gimme The Goss (Henry Dwyer), Little Miss Gutsaa (Jamie Edwards), Our Dilemma (Steven Pateman), Sizzling Nymph (Tony Parker), The Beehive (NZ) (Kath Durden), Tiffany Online (Chris Calthorpe)

Field: Consoling (Kalvin Bourke), Dwelt (Jamie Edwards), Nanneri (Alisa Hinch), Samurai Moon (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Think Stars (Steven Pateman), Three Rebels (Gary Bridges)

Field: Argonauts (Danny O'Brien), Dependable Nite (NZ) (Tony Parker), Halobel (Jamie Edwards), Lady Firente (Danielle Loos), Tarquin (Kalvin Bourke)

Field: Didier (David Bourke), The Siscos Kid (Henry Dwyer), Typically Brazen (Jamie Edwards), War Dame (Steven Pateman), Zouesay (Danny O'Brien), Harlem Danza (Alisa Hinch)

Field: Seduce (Danny O'Brien), Sometimesnever (Simone Ferchie), Zelberg (Jamie Edwards), Fastnet Rock x Alderney (Leon & Troy Corstens), Hampton Court x Ring Of Heaven (Nick Roe)

Field: Aero Stars (Simone Ferchie), Grable (Jamie Edwards), Zaella (Danny O'Brien), Laylite (Steven Pateman)

Field: Artisan Lass (Andrew Campbell), Bondi Tiff (Andrew Campbell), Cowboy Heart (Richard McCubbin), Flaming Victory (Alisa Hinch), Swan Bay (Nick Roe)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the course proper.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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