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Geelong Jump Outs - 1 July 2020


Field: Holy Ganges (J Edwards), I'm A Buonarroti (M Young), Cowboy Heart (R McCubbin), Consoling (D Bourke), Laststrikeyourout (P Banks), Bullet Man (C Hinch)

Field: Kawabata (J Edwards), Shantara (K Vella), Createyour Ownluck (A Hinch), Lady Magnus (C Calthore), Toronado x Bluegrass Danni (D Bourke)

Field: King Of Camelot (FR) (J Edwards), Fiorentino (V Malady), Georgina Louise (G Thornton), Rocket Owen (D Bourne), The Black Leopard (H Dwyer), Essex Skipper (S Pateman)

Field: Regardsmaree (H Dwyer), Feel The Beat (NZ) (A Campbell), Grogans Anvil (B Cerchi), Evader (J Edwards), Compulsive (NZ) (B Stanaway)

Field: Unicc Star (V Malady), I'm Still Standing (G Thornton), Usarmi (R Pike), Wicked Heights (NZ) (B Stanaway), Manhattan Sting (H Dwyer), Lucas Cranach x Bellonic (J Edwards)

Field: Bold Missile (N Roe), Oxygen Man (P Banks), Hitch Hiker Jamie (K Durden), Takahe (NZ) (B Stanaway), Lavee Star (C Calthorpe),

Field: Bloomin' Crafty (K Durden), Grable (J Edwards), Talk About Tom (D Connors), Dancing With Fire (B Stanway), Hampton Court x Ring Of Heaven (N Roe), Phenomenon x Forewarning (C Calthorpe)

Field: Bait Zain (H Dwyer), Halobel (J Edwards), Krishna Cove (C Calthore), Artisan Lass (C Campbell), Gatillero (B Stanaway)

Field: Pritchett (B Cerchi), Zelberg (J Edwards), Aero Stars (S Ferchie), Kawuneeche (H Dwyer), Unencumbered x Faith Firebird (B Pearson)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Course Proper (1700m Chute), with the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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