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Flemington (Werribee) Jump Outs - 14 February 2022



Field: Yes Baby Yes (Leon & Troy Corstens), Agrimony (GB) (Chris Waller), Port Guillaume (FR) (Ben & JD Hayes), Faretti (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Emissary (GB) (Michael Moroney), El Campeon (FR) (Danny O'Brien), Golden Shamrock (Saab Hasan)

Field: Excela Bella (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Social Element (NZ) (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Turn It Up Tommy (NZ) (Denis Pagan), English King (FR) (Michael Moroney), Drinks At Vista (GB) (Danny O'Brien), Man Of Heart (Danny O'Brien), Sharp As (NZ) (Saab Hasan), Dragon Storm (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Wealthy And Wise (Claire Patterson), Hameron (GB) (Chris Waller), Runaway (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Smokestaklightning (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Magnace (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Calvi (GB) (Danny O'Brien), Zagusto (Michael Moroney), Midterm (GB) (Michael & Luke Cerchi)

Field: Sandy Prince (Ben & JD Hayes), Brave Star (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Finance Tycoon (Danny O'Brien), Tavisteel (NZ) (Simon Zahra), My Whisper (Peter & Paul Snowden), Dice Roll (FR) (Nick Ryan), Hunnam (Chris Waller), Ice Burj (Michael Moroney)

Field: Don'tkickamoocow (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Foreshadow (Leon & Troy Corstens), Crystalist (Matthew Ellerton), Toowoomba Tycoon (Danny O'Brien), Crosswinds (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Thepeopleshorse (Nick Ryan), Rolling Rock (Ben & JD Hayes), Miss Sassy (Ben & JD Hayes)

Field: Tycoon Beau (Ben & JD Hayes), Draft Day (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Maracana (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), General Beau (Matthew Ellerton), Saskatoon (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Gold Spark (Nick Ryan), Ceasar (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Yulong Turbo (Chris Waller)

Field: Street Delight (Leon & Troy Corstens), Let'srollthedice (Danny O'Brien), Yellowhammer (Danny O'Brien), Oxfordshire (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Xtravagant (NZ) x Firenza (Nick Ryan), Back Me Up Benny (Denis Pagan), Whistler Girl (Ben & JD Hayes)

Field: Invincibilus (Ben & JD Hayes), Angel Of Boom (Leon & Troy Corstens), Charmed Destiny (IRE) (Danny O'Brien), High 'N' Dry (Matthew Ellerton), Robert The Puss (Simon Zahra), Stavanger (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Is This Love (Peter & Paul Snowden), Mynumerouno (Nick Ryan), Cirrina (Michael Moroney)

Field: Woodline (Danny O'Brien), Stillwater (Danny O'Brien), Penman (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Superada (Nick Ryan), Santiago Bay (Nick Ryan), Our Fred (Ernie Ewert), Trev The Driller (Ben & JD Hayes)

Field: Carbon (IRE) (Chris Waller), Lulu's Halo (Ben & JD Hayes), Rock Melody (Ben & JD Hayes), Silver Boots (Leon & Troy Corstens), Intello Star (FR) (Danny O'Brien), Mahamedeis (Nick Ryan), Milford (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Missile Belle (Ben & JD Hayes), Sheer Class (Ben & JD Hayes), Chuck Nation (Leon & Troy Corstens), Minimal (Leon & Troy Corstens), Shake It All About (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Glitter 'N' Gold (Danny O'Brien), Joknee (Nick Ryan), Despereaux (Nick Ryan), Latino Blend (NZ) (Peter & Paul Snowden)

Field: Aleas (GB) (Chris Waller), Whispering Tycoon (Ben & JD Hayes), Vail Mountain (Ben & JD Hayes), Coolist (Leon & Troy Corstens), Sky Warrior (Leon & Troy Corstens), Woburn Abbey (Danny O'Brien), Lambrusquet (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Cordyceps Five (NZ) (Nick Ryan), Trail Blazer (Michael Moroney)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted at Werribee on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

22-02-14 Flemington
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