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Flemington (Werribee) Jump Outs - 5 March 2021



Field: Camaguey (James Cummings), Enuff Already (Levi Kavanagh), Hunnam (John Hawkes), Taborca (Chris Waller), Tavistock x Yulong April (Mathew Ellerton), Vancouver x Satin Robes (Troy Corstens), Whispering Tycoon (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Witness Award (Danny Obrien)

Field: Americain Angel (Danny Obrien), Galantheum (Troy Corstens), Gipsy Lakeside (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Irish Sequel (IRE) (Late: Bashiyr (IRE) (Chris Waller), Look Sharpish (Troy Corstens), Make Mine Hennessy (Saab Hasan), Palace Whisper (Mathew Ellerton), She's A Thief (Michael Moroney)

Field: Draft Day (Troy Corstens), Fly On Bye (Mark Kavanagh), Joe's Giggle (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Northern Melody (Mathew Ellerton), Tidal Rush (John Hawkes), Unforgiven (Anthony Freedman), You Like (Chris Waller), Snitzel x Provocative (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Rain Boy (Paul Snowden), River Cat (Mathew Ellerton), Tea Master (Anthony Freedman), Timstar (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Unico (Chris Waller), Scissor Kick x Zabinella (Troy Corstens), So You Think x Personification (Michael Moroney)

Field: Are You Gold Enuff (Scott Cameron), Classic Moon (NZ) (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Cos I'm The Boss (Mathew Ellerton), Dixiana (James Cummings), Foturi (John Hawkes), Land Of The Brave (Troy Corstens), Limited Vision (Anthony Freedman)

Field: Beau Rock (Mathew Ellerton), Canadian Gold (Troy Corstens), Khaalis (IRE) (Chris Waller), Mortal Witness (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Sei Amici (Mick Cerchi), Too Easy Sis (Troy Corstens), Dalghar x Sophs Away (NZ) (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Main Track with the rail True and the track rated Soft.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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