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Flemington Jump Outs - 5 February 2021



Field: Nature Strip (Chris Waller), September Run (Chris Waller), Swats That (Troy Corstens)

Field: Aim (Paul Snowden), Chapada (Michael Moroney), Dom To Shoot (Sean Casey), Forever Free (Mathew Ellerton), Skyman (GB) (Chris Waller), Zoutori (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Buffalo River (USA) (Michael Moroney), Dabiyr (IRE) (Chris Waller), Harlem Blues (Paul Snowden), Island Joy (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Seas No Limit (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Voyage De Lune (Saab Hasan)

Field: Amegdul (James Cummings), Biscayne Bay (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Bowrider (Mathew Ellerton), Crystal Vain (Mathew Ellerton), Divine Rule (Anthony Freedman), Silent Theory (Troy Corstens)

Field: Arctic Stone (Michael Moroney), Charm School (Anthony Freedman), Fatigues (James Cummings), Groundswell (Anthony Freedman), Laverrod (Sean Casey), Power Station (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

Field: Greaves (John Hawkes), Hesket (Mathew Ellerton), Lady Of Honour (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Lumber Punk (Troy Corstens), Seradess (Mark Kavanagh), Spicy (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Kentucky Dream (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Masaff (IRE) (Chris Waller), Milwaukee (Michael Moroney), Princess Tina (Mathew Ellerton), Zac De Boss (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Adorable Miss (John Hawkes), Allanon (James Cummings), Dangerous Liaison (Mathew Ellerton), Frostwood (Mathew Ellerton), Heritage Dance (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Street Boss x Temple Divine (Mark Kavanagh)

Field: Drahmatised (Mark Kavanagh), Fiorente's Girl (Scott Cameron), Gunmetal Girl (NZ) (Paul Snowden), Licciardi (Troy Corstens), Prince Ruban (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), The Commoner (Michael Moroney)

Field: Alegron (James Cummings), Beyondtastic (Mathew Ellerton), Extassy (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Jillette (Mick Cerchi), Penciled (Paul Snowden), Star Turn x Smashin' Mila (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Aeecee Dame (Chris Waller), Let Him Rip (NZ) (Levi Kavanagh), Scissors (Michael Moroney), Stardarmesta (John Hawkes), Wangandary (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Yes Baby Yes (Troy Corstens)

Field: Galapagos Racer (Mathew Ellerton), Karatemiss (Mathew Ellerton), Sister Soul Sister (Scott Cameron), Starlea (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Cirrina (Michael Moroney), Heroic Chief (Levi Kavanagh), Hinto Blue (NZ) (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Nine Clouds (Mick Cerchi), Orpheline (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

Field: Askew (Mathew Ellerton), Nasdana (Mathew Ellerton), Scissor Step (Mathew Ellerton), Zanzibar Gem (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

Field: Archies First Lady (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Crown Of Melbourne (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), King Of Avalon (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Leiter (Michael Moroney), Raazou (Troy Corstens), Surprize Effect (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Brasada (Troy Corstens), De Be Eleven (Michael Moroney), Knight's Sword (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Fiorente x Lady Somers (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

NOTE: Heat 1 was conducted on the Course Proper, with the track rated Good. Heats 2 to 16 were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

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