Flemington Jump Outs - 25 March 2022



Field: So Si Bon (Ben & JD Hayes), Frostin' (Peter & Paul Snowden), Rutherford (JPN) (Nick Ryan), Enuff Roses (Saab Hasan), Midterm (GB) (Michael & Luke Cerchi), Fiery Red (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott)

Field: Fabrikka (Ben & JD Hayes), Draft Day (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Tokorangi (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Pepper's Ghost (Matthew Ellerton), I Like Big Putts (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Baron Of Bedford (NZ) (Mark & Levi Kavanagh)

Field: Marguns (Ben & JD Hayes), Luna Diva (Peter & Paul Snowden), Around The Buoy (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Tivaci x Florist (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Capital Express (Nick Ryan), Zacinto (GB) x Charlotte's Revenge (NZ) (Simon Zahra)

Field: Mimi's Award (Ben & JD Hayes), Facemask (Nick Ryan), Crystal Chief (Matthew Ellerton), The Bladesman (IRE) (Danny O'Brien), Dixie Built (Michael & Luke Cerchi), On A Winning Day (Scott Cameron)

Field: Over 'N' Out (Ben & JD Hayes), Count Nicholas (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Zouyaa (Matthew Ellerton), Curragh Lad (Mark & Levi Kavanagh), Rubick x Geisha (NZ) (Simon Zahra), Manhattan Sky (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Shez Steamin' (Saab Hasan) Avenge (NZ) (Simon Zahra), New Jersey (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Press For Victory (Saab Hasan), Fly On Bye (Mark & Levi Kavanagh), Ruru (Chris Waller)

Field: Steal A Kiss (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Lipscani (Anthony & Sam Freedman), La Perfection (Danny O'Brien), Star Turn x Beyond The Dream (Michael Moroney), Alcedo (Leon & Troy Corstens), Shrimp (James Cummings)

Field: Never Say Nay (Ben & JD Hayes), Pufnstuf (Ern Ewert), Documentary (Nick Ryan), New York Baby (Leon & Troy Corstens), Heir Apparent (Danny O'Brien), Hidden Advice (Caroline Jennings)

Field: Boomson (Ben & JD Hayes), Crystalaa (Matthew Ellerton), Russian Revolution x Admirelle (Michael Moroney), Don't Change (Nick Ryan), Ocean Park (NZ) x Ravenna (Simon Zahra), St Malo (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Mount Hotham (Ben & JD Hayes), Succeed Indeed (Leon & Troy Corstens), Written Tycoon x Whistle Baby (Simon Zahra), Madagascar Miss (NZ) (Michael Moroney), The Hay Flyer (Matthew Ellerton), Hard To Read (GB) (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Andiron (Ben & JD Hayes), Tranquilite (James Cummings), Almanzor x Osmunda (NZ) (Danny O'Brien), Our Fred (Ern Ewert)

Field: Fuller (Chris Waller), Snap Fit (NZ) (Nick Ryan), River Cat (Matthew Ellerton), Capella (JPN) (Danny O'Brien)

Field: Private Island (Ben & JD Hayes), Tosen Glory (Ben & JD Hayes), Sir Prancealot (IRE) x Blanchee (Matthew Ellerton), Caesar Rock (Simon Zahra)

Field: Sino Witness (Ben & JD Hayes), Azaly (Ben & JD Hayes), Excela Bella (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Prince Of Rome (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott), Sassolino (Michael Moroney), Oasis Gold (Matthew Ellerton)

Field: Mio Sorrento (Ben & JD Hayes), Opposing (Ben & JD Hayes), Teofilo Star (IRE) (Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

22-03-25 Flemington (Final)
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