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Flemington Jump Outs - 22 April 2022


*based on 678x Jump Outs at Flemington (Inside Grass)*


Field: Harlem Blues (Peter & Paul Snowden), Crosshaven (Ben & JD Hayes), Port Albert (Nick Ryan), Ranting (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Nerve Not Verve (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Parure (Ben & JD Hayes), Moktaffy (IRE) (Chris Waller), Steak Knives (NZ) (Simon Zahra), Alontro (Matthew Ellerton), Electric (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Keats (IRE) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Caste (Ben & JD Hayes), It's My Turn (Danny O'Brien), Hurricane Thunder (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Rajnish (Nick Ryan), Count Nicholas (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Atmosphere (James Cummings)

Field: Independent Road (Ben & JD Hayes), Velours Bleu (Anthony & Sam Freedman), Canbya (James Cummings), Lonfire (Danny O'Brien), Rainbow Thief (NZ) (Michael Moroney)

Field: Class Revolution (Ben & JD Hayes), Gong Him Red (Danny O'Brien), Zoom Torino (Simon Zahra), Discerning (Peter & Paul Snowden), Magnaspin (Leon & Troy Corstens), Breaking Ground (Chris Waller)

Field: Biometric (GB) (Ben & JD Hayes), Edison (Nick Ryan), Defiant Diva (Leon & Troy Corstens), Spicy (Matthew Ellerton), Jayeffthunder (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes), Abenaki (James Cummings)

Field: Del Campo (Ben & JD Hayes), Blessyou (Danny O'Brien), Rich Enuff x Nutbush (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Chopin (James Cummings), From The Moon (Mark & Levi Kavanagh), Exceed And Excel x Laetitia (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: Opposing (Ben & JD Hayes), Telluride (James Cummings), Netanyahu (NZ) (Leon & Troy Corstens), Tinker McPhee (Chris Waller), Runaway River (Matthew Ellerton), Tucson Kid (Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes)

Field: Fast Victory (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Atlantis Tycoon (Danny O'Brien), Champagne In Lace (Simon Zahra), Rain Lord (Peter & Paul Snowden), All Too Hard x Egyptian Cross (Leon & Troy Corstens), Sir Zino (NZ) (Chris Waller)

Field: Prophesier (Ben & JD Hayes), Spensierato (Nick Ryan), For Real Life (Leon & Troy Corstens), Helene's Era (Saab Hasan)

Field: Ninja Derby (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), The Genius (Danny O'Brien), The Old Lion (Danny O'Brien), Belle Savoir (Nick Ryan), Mighty Sapphire (Michael Moroney), Impending x Imprimis (Michael & Luke Cerchi)

Field: Tuahine (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Are You Gold Enuff (Nick Ryan), Alriyah (James Cummings), Wisaka (Michael Moroney), Cos I'm The Boss (Matthew Ellerton)

Field: Pummel (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Reward For Effort x Shao Shao (Simon Zahra), Squeak (NZ) (Michael Moroney), Ladymane (Saab Hasan), Vested Interest (Leon & Troy Corstens)

Field: The Ballet Dancer (NZ) (Ben & JD Hayes), Manhattan Sky (Leon & Troy Corstens), Prospect Park (Matthew Ellerton), Adelaide (IRE) x Intrigo (Saab Hasan), Americain (USA) x Kimiko (Michael & Luke Cerchi)

Field: Siamese (Ben & JD Hayes), Reckoning (Nick Ryan), Banks Of The Nile (Leon & Troy Corstens)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Inside Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*

22-04-22 Flemington (Final)
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