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Flemington Jump Outs - 19 March 2021



Field: Fabric (NZ) (Danny Obrien), Good And Proper (Mathew Ellerton), Groundswell (Anthony Freedman), Irish Sequel (IRE) (Late: Bashiyr (IRE)) (Chirs Waller), Tofane (NZ) (Mike Moroney)

Field: Conflate (Anthony Freedman), First Platoon (Danny Obrien), Gulf Of Guinea (David Hayes), Northwood Poppet (Mathew Ellerton), Patton (John Hawkes), Rain Boy (Peter Snowden)

Field: Bomber's Kiss (Mathew Ellerton), Keats (IRE) (Mike Moroney), Look Sharpish (NZ) (Troy Corstens), More Secrets (John Hawkes), Shibli (GB) (Chirs Waller), Thousand Wishes (Danny Obrien)

Field: Chain (John Hawkes), Dempster (Troy Corstens), Inebriating (Scott Cameron), Let's Dazzle (Mike Moroney), Ring The Bank (David Hayes), Spirit Beast (Anthony Freedman)

Field: Fashion Avenue (David Hayes), Hyderabad (Anthony Freedman), Man Of Heart (Danny Obrien), Robert The Puss (Mathew Ellerton), Tinge (James Cummings)

Field: Hay Nicco (David Hayes), Ima Shelby (David Hayes), Matsukaze (John Hawkes), Migrating (Troy Corstens), Velours Bleu (Anthony Freedman), You Like (Chirs Waller)

Field: All So Clear (David Hayes), Alriyah (James Cummings), Bestlegsintown (NZ) (Danny Obrien), Fleurs De Lis (Anthony Freedman), Sino Witness (David Hayes), Vadaboy (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Delegated (Troy Corstens), Lunares (Mathew Ellerton), Watty's Girl (Mike Moroney), Olympic Glory x Pinwin (John Hawkes)

Field: Crazy (NZ) (John Hawkes), Graupel (Anthony Freedman), Hardcover Edition (Mathew Ellerton), Mobarhin (David Hayes), Phere The Ex (David Hayes), Transformation (James Cummings)

Field: Aremberg (David Hayes), Extreme Flight (Anthony Freedman), Grappa Di Moscato (Anthony Freedman), Reset The Jazz (David Hayes), Unico (Chirs Waller), Fiorente x Limber (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton)

Field: Covert (Anthony Freedman), Heresy (James Cummings), Indelible Spirit (David Hayes), Mubtada (David Hayes), Savagal (NZ) (Chirs Waller), Set To Prophet (Anthony Freedman)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Steeple Grass, with the track rated Good.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*


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