Flemington Jump Outs - 18 June 2021



Field: Atlantic Seas (John Hawkes), Jay Gatsby (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Melisende (Anthony Freedman), Plaquette (James Cummings), Runaway River (Mathew Ellerton), White Hibiscus (Danny Obrien)

Field: Elteecee (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Greaves (John Hawkes), Tayla's Moment (Mathew Ellerton), Unflinching (Anthony Freedman)

Field: Absolute Flirt (Danny Obrien), Brazen Strike (Steve Richards), Dickin Medal (James Cummings), Milliondollarbill (Paul Snowden), Rudimental (FR) (Mathew Ellerton), Too Viennese (John Hawkes)

Field: Another Engagement (Anthony Freedman), Estreet (Chris Waller), Heir Apparent (Danny Obrien), Mt Buller (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Sconaero (NZ) (Danny Obrien), Sprites (Paul Snowden)

Field: Austrata (IRE) (Chris Waller), Bixilon (Levi Kavanagh), Blue Jay Way (Saab Hasan), Highlights (John Hawkes), Pepper's Ghost (Mathew Ellerton), Promotions (James Cummings)

Field: Armed (Danny Obrien), Petard (John Hawkes), Shake It All About (Danny Obrien), Star Smash (Mathew Ellerton), Swerving (Troy Corstens), Testa Rock (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes)

Field: Bakreya (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Hesket (Mathew Ellerton), Pink Gin (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Shalily (Danny Obrien), Umgawa (Troy Corstens)

Field: Alpin (John Hawkes), Bringtime (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), El Campeon (FR) (Danny Obrien), Swear Shes Perfect (Mathew Ellerton), Tea Master (Anthony Freedman), Thonis (Danny Obrien)

Field: Autissiodorum (NZ) (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Awkward (James Cummings), Crazy Wolf (John Hawkes), Press Start (Scott Cameron), Sabie Park (NZ) (John Hawkes)

Field: Bluejack (Troy Corstens), Champagne Miami (Danny Obrien), Copper Charm (Danny Obrien), Extreme Step (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), La Perfection (Danny Obrien), Spirit Beast (Anthony Freedman)

Field: Django Express (John Hawkes), Exceed Tycoon (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Gabeira (Chris Waller), Seas No Limit (NZ) (Mathew Ellerton), Tahuna (James Cummings), Toffee Doll (Troy Corstens)

Field: Esashi (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Fight In The Dog (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Gulf Of Oman (Tom Dabernig and David Hayes), Lambrusquet (NZ) (Danny Obrien), Who Shot Suzy (Mathew Ellerton), Nathaniel x Dibajj (FR) (Danny Obrien)

NOTE: the jump outs were conducted on the Poly Track, with the track rated Synthetic.

*silk colour accuracy may vary*



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